Wonderland Weekend : Birthdays, Costco + Migranes

ModernwonderlandweekendEvery weekend is so different from the last…

because living in NYC is the most random adventure. Each week, I have no idea what is on my plate. Here is a look at this past weekend : November 23rd ish and on.

Friday –

During the day I met with my BFF Gracie and we chatted about vision and plans for FreelyBe. We are really excited for a new project we are working on, and we think you will be too.

After meeting, Parker + I headed up to Hudson Common for our friend Jesse’s surprise birthday party hosted by FreelyBe.


I am pretty sure Jesse was surprised… he also got a few surprise gifts!


 Another big hit was Steve Trayner’s Stetson hat. Let’s just say it is now on my WANT list. My friends and I proceeded to have a few drinks, enjoy the AMAZING burgers and fries and then take Asian Tourist pictures…


Ok, and a nice group shot.mdoernwonderland.com

Of course my husband is standing there — regal! haha

Around 11pm, we jumped in a cab and headed over to The Anchor for Raychel’s Birthday! Raychel’s Birthday was hosted by FreelyBe as well 🙂

FreelyBe gave Raychel a complimentary bottle and Anchor Bar donated $50 to Love146.org on her behalf because she hosted through us… I love that we can do that!


I was really happy when Tim showed up. He is my famous DJ friend (DJ Guy&Girl) and he is always so much fun … and takes awesome pictures!


My husband Parker woke me up a 7:30 8am (still early when you are out till 2ish – I am getting old people!) and we went on a magical journey to Costco…


I personally love Costco. I love the very berry Sundae, the free samples and getting a good bargain! Plus, no zombies in costco



(ok, Parks and I have been watching a lot of the Walking Dead)


We then came home and I went shopping for my sisters bday gift and got a little gift for myself! I have been wanting leather pants for awhile, but have been on a budget because of the wedding/apartment. However, I got these from H&M.

After shopping, we took a nap and then got ready really quick. We then met up with my family at PJ Clarke’s and got burgers for my sisters birthday.

At PJ Clarke’s you have to get:
The Cadillac Burger with cheddar cheese and bournaise sauce on the side + shoestring onions.

Trust me.

We then went to Max Brenner for dessert. We had hot chocolate, s’mores concoctions, churros, chocolate fondue and milkshakes! yum yummmm




I went to bed with a TERRIBLE migrane – and woke up with one too! So all day I laid around in a dark living room + watched movies. I was so sad to miss church and so bored sitting around all day. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a hard time sitting around.

However, I guess this rings true for today:modernwonderland.com









How do you rest when not feeling well?


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