Valentine’s Gifts for a Girly Girlfriend / Wife

Boys, if you’re trying to think of something nice to buy your girlfriend or wife for Valentine’s day, look no further. Sure, it’s the thought that counts. You could take her out for a meal, or cook her something. You could even make her something cute if you wanted to. However, there’s one thing that girls are always going to want. Cold, hard, beauty products! Here are some ideas that can help you if you can’t tell your lipliner from your contour. Enjoy:


Eyeshadow Palettes

Eyeshadow palettes are expensive boys, so don’t be alarmed. There’s a reason for this; one shadow costs a considerable amount of money, so when buying lots together, you end up spending more. That being said, it’s usually cheaper than buying single shades separately. Why don’t they just wear one shadow, you say? Because, to put it in a way you can understand, us girls need variety in our lives. Multiple shades on the lid create unique looks, and we are admired by our gal pals everywhere. Just buy us a palette. Too faced, Naked, and Kat Von D are all good brands to look at.


Lipsticks and Other Lip Products

We all love a good lipstick, and there are other lip products that make the grade too. You can get plumping gloss, and many girls swear by lipliner to give their lips that defined look. Choose the right shade by speaking to a lady at a makeup counter, who can ask you a few questions and recommend a shade. You might feel like dumb, but the look on your girlfriend’s face will say it all! If all else fails, go for a nude shade.

e8560c5ca1420d9b5bd7bb525e136151Designer Candles

Designer candles are the ultimate thing to have burning while you’re pampering yourself, whether you’re bathing or putting your make-up on. Treat your girlfriend or wifeto something expensive smelling, and maybe buy her some bath stuff to go with it. You could even run her the bath and light the candle – go that one step further!

Contour Kits

All girls love a good contour kit. Anastasia Beverly Hills are being raved over by all beauty fanatics at the moment. MAC, Bare Minerals, and Smashbox all have good kits too.

Skincare Products

Buying skincare products for your girlfriend could be a dream come true if she just loves to take care of her skin. Better yet, plant-based skin care products for your girlfriend will be kinder to her skin, and produce a better result.

A Fancy Fragrance

You can’t go wrong with a lovely perfume, and you can get many of them for bargain prices. If you want to go all out, you can’t go wrong with something by Chanel!

peaceCute Jewelry

You can buy all kinds of cute jewelry that won’t break the bank. How about a charm on a leather bracelet, or a cute necklace? Buying something small and cute will give her a keepsake that she’ll love. My bestie has a line called Speakable with really cute items!

Which one of these Valentine’s gifts will you give your girly girlfriend? Leave any ideas of your own below!


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