The best places in NYC to take a Selfie

New York City is a beautiful place to be, and for anyone who enjoys photography, there are amazing spots all over the city to snap a shot. Whether you visit as a tourist or you’ve lived in the city all your life, there are always wonderful new places to discover. You might be looking for landscapes, trying to capture someone’s life in a portrait or hoping to get a fantastic selfie. Whichever type of photo you want to take, you’ll find somewhere fascinating that you’ll want to spend hours snapping shots of. Try one of these sites for your next photography adventure.

spring nyc view from Brooklyn



I always joke around that the only good thing about Brooklyn is the view of Manhattan 😉 haha – But Seriously, the view of the Manhattan skyline from Williamsburg is amazing. I love watching the sunset over the city and sitting near the water. This is the perfect spot to get your “NYC Selfie.” 

Central Park

This broad expanse of green in the middle of the city is a must for anyone who lives in or visits NYC. There’s so much to see and do over the 873-acre park that you would struggle to reach it all in your lifetime. Capture some fairy tale scenes by the running water of The Loch or walk through three distinct garden styles at The Conservatory Garden. Or have some vintage fun on the carousel. You won’t run out of places to photograph, whether you want to take a selfie around every corner or document the beauty of nature in the middle of an urban landscape.

The ‘What Lifts You’ Mural by Kelsey Montague

There are lots of awesome opportunities for a great selfie in New York, but the street art you can find offers some of the best. Some are good for group shots, but if you want an incredible photo of yourself to upload to Instagram, the ‘What Lifts You’ mural is the place to be. Taylor Swift has been spotted snapping a selfie in front of the intricate white wings of this piece of art on the corner of Kenmare Street and Mott Street. You won’t get a great snap if you try to take the photo too close, so a selfie stick is your best friend here. One of the best uses for a monopod is when you need to make sure a stunning background is included. When you share your photo, don’t forget to use the #whatliftsyou hashtag to let everyone know.

Flatiron Building

flatiron selfie lifestyle blog nyc


Flatiron and Madison Square Park is by far my favorite place to take a selfie. The Flatiron is such a staple landmark of the city and the park houses Shake Shack which is one of the best places in the whole city haha! But seriously, even my puppy nugget wanted to take a selfie there.

The Brooklyn Bridge

 You’ve done the greenness of Central Park and taken a selfie in front of some street art. But if it’s architecture you want, head to the Brooklyn Bridge to immortalize some of the best in the city. You can capture both old and new at the same time at this iconic location, with the historic bridge in the foreground and skyscrapers towering behind. You’ll see Freedom Tower and the Gehry Building, which you can snap on their own or fit into the background of a self-portrait. Don’t leave it too late to visit though because it can get crowded later in the day.


There are hundreds of other incredible spots for photography all around the city. You can find everything from colorful murals and modern architecture to classic brownstones and leafy parks. If you don’t know where to go first, just step out the door and start walking. You never know what you might discover.

 Where is your favorite NYC Selfie Spot?


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