Some Winter Looks I Love for 2013/2014

A few looks I am loving this winter…

The High Knitted Sock8b3a02c5ec34a0b027daf8ebbe810929 The oversized sweater, ripped jeans + heels9b1ea45216a4b65da5eb0408812f5524 The Big Ol’ Hat26d8ea9502aa96faf5f6f218483219c9 Comfy Cozy + dressing up sweats363d9824152bde76f00e2386020d1e19 Men’s style jackets + loose waves

844f44c44f2010908ad0cb2ae5dcabd4 Black leather pants2214d1b9853fc38bf3402b1b9ab9ac58 Black on Black916389aa6706f47e9f3924ef3df5c558 The Leopard Coate5432fd5b621e3ac0d6cb98d74439144 Comfy w/ Glam (Metallics or sequins)f6b8498c73d3177b6cb666acf9f53a67The oversized tulle skirt + sweater3fecb25f87db2eb0a865e1d50bcc39f3


(all images via Pinterest)

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