So, I am getting married!

On May 31st, I got engaged to my best friend – Parker Green.FE954017-1F6C-4309-A29D-1CED8BC69434

It has taken me awhile to write this blog post as well as update this blog because everything in my life is in transition.

We got engaged in Montauk on the beach – which is where we will be getting married September 20th.

Our wedding venue
Our wedding venue

That’s right, September 20th of this year! We are planning our wedding in 3 1/2 months … Which is actually more like 6 weeks of planning because the only thing we secured that far in advance was our venue and invites.

Everyone keeps asking me “how is wedding planning going?” On initial response, I respond “Stressful.” However, considering how soon we are getting married, it has not been too stressful. Yes, we have had moments of stress (or meltdowns as Parker likes to call them), but overall we have been okay.


I decided in the 5 weeks leading up to the wedding that I am going to blog more about the process. The planning, ideas, tips and inside look to planning a wedding with very little $. I hope these next few weeks inspire you if you feel like “This is Never going to get done!!”


 Any suggestions for planning a wedding?

Wedding Countdown Ticker

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  1. Jessi, be more concerned with the quality of pots you will cook with than the quality of the dishes you eat off of.
    When I registered for my wedding over 23 years ago, I registered beautiful china dishes, but did not put down any pots on my list.
    I recommend All-Clad.
    All the best,

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