Simplifying your life

Now that Christmas is over – I can’t help but start thinking about next year.

I fully believe that next year is going to be full of new opportunities and stepping more into the things God has called me to.

For the Christmas holiday – My husband Parker and I rented a cabin in the Catskills with my brother and sister and law Paul and Andi. I love the fact that I can live in the city and drive 2 hours and be in the mountains or by the ocean. It was so much fun to spend Christmas together and spend time resting and reflecting.

Over the few days away, I read a book called “The Simplicity Project” by Corie Clark. Corie also sent me a Purposeful Planner for 2015. Being a verbal processor – I couldn’t stop expressing my love for the planner to my family haha. I love the black, gold, and white design and how clean and simple it is. I often get frustrated with planners because its usually missing something – to my surprise this planner had everything and more.

I received this planner and boom from Corie at the perfect time. For the last month or so, I feel like God has been speaking to me a lot about managing my time, saying no, and being more intentional. I heard God say to me “Jessi, you would see twice as many miracles if you weren’t running around all the time.” This really challenged me because I want my life and my heart to completely be in sync with what God is doing and saying. As I read through the book – it was saying the same thing – creating margin for miracles.

This post is not sponsored – I just truly believe the book and planner will help you fulfill all the things God is calling you to and live a life free of stress and full of miracles.











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