My Tips For Surviving The Heat And Looking Chic In NYC

The summer is almost here. While this is generally something to look forward to, if you live in NYC or have experienced a summer here, you will understand that there is a slight downside. I hate to be negative about the sunshine but in the big apple this equates to oily skin, red, flushed faces, frizzy hair and perspiring in the most inconvenient of bodily areas.

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But we New York residents are tough, and we have learnt how to adapt to the icky, sticky weather. Here are my tips for surviving the heat and looking chic in NYC.


  • Pack a spare top in your bag. No matter how you plan to get from A to B in the big apple in summer, you will feel hot and sticky. You might not need to use your spare top, but just knowing it is there can make you feel prepared and calm. This is an especially good idea if you are heading to an interview or an important meeting. Choose a garment that is light and that won’t crush easily.
  • Do keep your handbag light. Although I recommend taking a spare top, your baggage should be kept as light as possible. Lugging around a heavy tote full of items you probably don’t need will just make you more hot and uncomfortable.

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  • Staying hydrated is essential in the summer. It will really help to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go to. I usually get a home water delivery and use it to top up my reusable water bottle before heading out.
  • Keep your wardrobe light and fuss-free. The only way to survive the blistering heat is to wear light, breathable fabrics. I love to wear loose, sheer shirts, cropped linen pants and light summer dresses. Don’t worry about looking plain. You can easily chic up your outfits with statement jewelry, bags and shoes.


  • Don’t overdo your makeup. The more you wear, the less your skin will be able to breath. This can lead to oil buildup and zit breakouts. Choose a light, matt face cream with an SPF. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid panda eyes in the sticky heat.
  • Stock up on blotting sheets in order to reduce shine on your face. Carry these with you whenever you are travelling around the city as that’s when you’ll need them the most.
  • Keep your face and body skincare products in the fridge. Doing this will cool you down and give you a boost of energy during your skincare routine.
  • Tie your hair up when traveling. When getting from one place to the other, I find it helps to wear my hair up using a grip or clasp. This prevents the humidity turning my locks into a frizzy mane. It also keeps the hair away from my face which prevents it from getting greasy and helps to keep my neck and face cool.
  • My last tip is: stay calm. Getting panicked or frustrated while trying to negotiate the busy streets of NYC will only make you more hot and uncomfortable. Whenever you feel stressed out, take a few deep breaths and look at how beautiful this city looks when it is soaked in sunshine.


Have a cool summer!


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