My favorite dining experience in NYC: Bagatelle

 I turned thirty this year… It was a huge transition for me. I know it seems like no big deal, just another year older. However, I finally felt like I was a “real” adult. When going out to dinner with friends- it feels like there is no where left that I haven’t aged out or isn’t completely boring.

Till Bagatelle!

For months my friends and I have been looking for a fun place to eat, have drinks and make some new friends. However, all my old stomping grounds are exactly that – OLD! Either they no longer exist or I am much older than every NYU twenty something looking for a date. 

I recently went to Bagatelle for a bloggers dinner and was BEYOND impressed. I couldn’t stop texting my friends and husband “I found our new place!!!” 


The Food is AH-Mazing (Truffle Gnocchi – need I say more!)
The music is so fun and the DJ played all my favorites
The crowd was great and I met so many new friends
You can get dressed up and not feel weird
We got an ice cream sundae bigger than my face

Check out my photos of my favorite dishes + my new adorable dress from Urban Outfitters!


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