Monthly Resolutions

About four years ago I started creating monthly goals. The first of every month, I would reflect on the last month.

What were some things I was thankful for?
What do I wish I did differently?
What were my goals for this next month?

Recently I decided to take it further and really asses how I am doing. Chris Hodges talked about this at the Grow conference and I think it’s an incredible way to see how you’re really doing.
I grade myself in the following areas:
1. My relationship with God
2. My marriage
3. My family
4. My work
5. Financial Stewardship
6. My friendships
7. My health

healthEvery year that January 1st rolls around – I make these big plans and only see a few come to fruition. Creating monthly goals has helped me to really be self aware with where I am. To continue doing the things that are working, and stop doing the things that are not.

Grading yourself may seem harsh, but it’s not as harsh as you may think. For example – in August I gave myself a C in the area of health. I was traveling a lot for work and not making healthy choices when it came to food. I didn’t work out once and my body felt tired and weak.

By giving myself an honest assessment I can then create goals that I am motivated by for the next month. One of my goals for September is to eat healthier and workout at least twice a week. I re-signed up for ClassPass and am signed up for classes in advance so I am scheduled to work out. Instead of skipping meals because of my busy schedule, I purchased Whey protein to at least have a shake. When I create a goal, I don’t just write down a lofty dream but I write a tangible plan that can help me achieve my goals.

Here are some of my goals for September:
1. To be healthier and workout more
2. To have more dates with Parker
3. To get two new clients
4. To hire an additional employee
5. To run my schedule and not let it run me
6. To spend more time with God
7. To organize my business finances better

Ways that I will accomplish these goals:
1. Go food shopping and join classpass
2. Plan dates in advance
3. Write down 10 potential clients id want and schedule to meet with them
4. Start interviewing people
5. Organize what needs to be done and create breaks in my schedule (and not say yes to everything)
6. Wake up earlier and put phone away
7. Utilize Quikbooks and put receipts into designated envelopes

What are some of your goals for September? How are you going to achieve them?

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  1. Jessi… You are just awesome! Are you my soul sister?! 🙂 Thank you for reminding me to simplify by taking a step back from the overwhelming pile of dreams, goals, visions and to-do’s and reminding me that everything is obtainable once dissected in bite size doable pieces! I’ve never heard of ClassPass, but I’m super intrigued! (Great way to try new things, meet new people AND get my fitness on!) Rock on, sister!

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