Modern Wonderland: Exploring the city – Fries, Meat + Gaming

One of my favorite things to do in New York City is simply just explore it. You would be surprised by how many new and amazing places you would find by just walking around. I would consider myself a walker. I prefer walking than any other mode of transportation to be honest. It gives you a moment to just think and take in everything around you.

Parker and I both have off on Mondays, so we usually spend the day trying to escape our computers and just relaxing. I have a harder time at this than Parker does. So usually that means we have to get out of the house.

We started the day with coffee.
We then headed to Union Square and checked out the Famers Market. We love spending as much time as possible in Union Square since it’s where we pastor.
I was on a mission to find ice cream (fail) – so we decided to stop by Pommes Frites. This is one of my favorite cheat places. They have really great fries and incredible dipping sauces.

Then Parker got to choose. So we went to Mighty Quinn’s. I had never been, so I was excited to check it out. They had an actual smoker in the restaurant and the food was good. If you are trying to eat less carbs, this is your place. Skip Pommes Frites 😉

On the walk back home, I didn’t want the night to be over. So naturally we found a fun activity – such as PINBALL. That’s right – there’s a pinball place in NYC and it’s awesome. It’s called Modern Pinball. Ha – Modern Pinball on Modern Wonderland – I didn’t even mean to do that!

What’s you favorite arcade game?

parker green union square nyc




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