Love letters to strangers


According to Wikipedia – The love letter is probably almost as old as written civilization itself. Researchers have found love letters stemming back to Ancient Egyptian civilizations. As a species, we were created to communicate and express emotion toward one another. Love letters have transformed societies, literature and history as a whole.

In modern day, a love letter looks more like double tapping an Instagram picture.

I am not going to go down some rabbit hole of how social media has killed our ability to communicate as a culture. To be honest, I absolutely love social media (and work in social media). The world wide web has allowed me to foster relationships all around the world.
love letter valentines dayHowever, there is something special about receiving a handwritten letter. Especially one that is not a restaurant bill, but is encouraging and maybe even… loving.

I remember when I first started dating Parker, who is now my husband. He would leave me random love letters. Some were long, some were short. Each letter was a special surprise gift that both encouraged me and made me feel so treasured. I saved the letters in a box, and on hard days, would refer to the letters for encouragement. The letters would drastically change my attitude towards a difficult circumstance.

When 2014 rang in, I was motivated to create a New Years Resolution. One resolution was to be healthier (you gotta have that in there, right?) – the other was to encourage complete strangers. I started brainstorming ideas on how to do this. I then found on my desk a box of stationary and thought “Why don’t I write a love letter – to a stranger…”

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  1. Jessi, this is one of the most beautiful ideas ever born. It made me cry & know that I too need to do some stranger-writing! LOL I love you, thank you for spreading these seeds of love!

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