Liberty Fairs – NYC 2014

When it comes to fashion trade shows – Liberty fairs is one of my favorites. The irony is Liberty Fairs is primarily showcasing brands targeting men, but the whole show is curated so well that I love going.

Liberty Fairs Mens Fashion Trade Show

I brought my husband Parker because he is working on creating a website for men. Parker has a really great eye for style and loves good “manly” products, so I was excited to have him along.


speakable necklace ready for liberty fairs

For the show I wore something simple – a black tank top with slouchy black pants since it would be a long hot day. I wore my favorite speakable necklace and several bracelets that I borrowed from Succarra! I brought with me my new Dolce Vita Handbags Safari bag (only $108!!) which held all the look books, business cards, and samples!


First we stopped by the “Drugstore”. This is a new section and I was excited to see more emphasis on men’s grooming products. I’m not completely surprised considering the wild success of the art of shaving and men taking their cleanliness more seriously.

Here there were two standout brands:

1. Ursa Major
Why they stand out: Branding is perfect, which first initially caught my eye. Secondly, their products smelled amazing. Definitely something I would steal from my husband!
Must have item: The Travelers skin care kit. This is a great way to test the products, also perfect for travel and also potential gift idea!

2. Manready Mercantile
Why they stand out: Branding was on point, which attracted me to the booth. Everything smelled amazing and looked cool. The potential gift ideas were endless here.
Must have item: Personally, I want one of the candles that are poured into whiskey glasses, but Parker was really taken over by their Whiskey glasses and Tomahawks.

After the “Drugstore” we headed through the endless rows of booths – vendor after vendor we stopped to look at upcoming brands, new trends, and in general “cool stuff.”
*note to brands: be nice to press and don’t be too cool for yourselves. Bloggers and press will help people know about you = increased sales = more orders in the future.


I think in total we looked at over a hundred brands. These are the ones I think you should know about (not in any order):

1. Max Poglia
Why they stand out: Is it just me or does every guy have a knife obsession right now? We stopped by this booth and Parker was a kid in a candy store. “I want everything here.” From cool handmade knives, to durable leather bags – this brand is going to be one everyone knows about. Doesn’t hurt either that the creator is a very cool down to earth Brazilian and they are based in Brooklyn. #weLoveNYCBrands
Must have item: I think you should start with a knife and build your collection from there.

2. Knickerbocker MFG Co
Why they stand out: As the knife craze is reaching new heights, so is the caps craze… Or really any hat for that matter. Guys look good in hats – it’s a proven fact. Knickerbocker had an awesome activation where they allowed you to choose your fabric and trim and design a hat on the spot! They had old sewing machines and were making hats at the show. The hats are strong, well made, and simply put – look good on your head. The staff was friendly and funny and their factory is in Brooklyn.
Must Have Item: hmmm… Any hat!

3. Jachs NY
Why they stand out: To be honest, when I’m looking for menswear – I like seeing pieces that aren’t too overly “fashionable”. I think at the end of the day, an outfit should enhance the personality of the wearer, not define it. I think this is what Jachs does well. Parker was reeling over every item they had and I shared in his enthusiasm. From cool printed jackets (I’m talking bear prints to floral) to blown out performance wear – everything in this collection is perfect for a man. I’m looking forward to stopping by the showroom and showing you some more items from this collection.
Must have item: Hard to really say, everything here is made incredibly well. Personally, the jackets are going to be the item you’ll be hearing about though – so start with that.


4. Schwood Eyewear
Why they stand out: Eyewear that is made of wood. Need I say more? Being someone that wears glasses on a regular basis – I’m definitely interested in trying out a pair of wooden frames. If prescriptions are not your thing – their sunglasses collection is top notch.
Must have item: Their sunglasses – they look great and are lightweight yet durable.

5. Conscious Step
Why they stand out: Everyone needs to step up their sock game + their giving back game. These socks help you accomplish both. Cool designs that give back to different causes. These are socks you can feel good about wearing since you threw out your Toms.
Must have item:
I’d say start with the sock that partners with a cause you’re already passionate about and then go from there.

So, that’s all I got for you from Liberty Fairs NY. I’ll be stopping by Liberty Fairs Vegas so I’ll share what I find at that show as well!

P.s. On a side note, Intelligentsia had free coffee – and it was good. I’m excited for them to now be in NYC. Will have to do a review soon. Also, while waiting for a cab Van Leeuewan supplied free ice cream for all guests. What a perfect way to end the day!


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  1. 1) that looks sooo fun 2) you and Parker look very stylish 3) i can’t wait to go in Vegas!!! 4) thanks for the Speakable shout out 🙂 I’m using that pic of you!

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