How To Achieve A Better Work-Life Balance

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.27.23 PMThe modern world of work is difficult to get away from. We’re ‘always on’, and even when we shut down our computers and walk away from our desks, work is still there. We get emails through on our smartphones, and for many people, working longer hours without remuneration is a fact of life. It can put a severe strain on your work-life balance – so today, we’re going to reveal how to combat the many issues you may encounter.

Have boundaries

First of all, make sure you have clear boundaries between your work and home life. It’s all too easy to start replying to important emails at the dinner table or working late to get something finished. Of course, every now and again, it’s fine. But if you start to see these events creeping into your daily routine, it’s going to be problematic. If people know you will answer at a particular time, then they will keep contacting you. However, if you respect the boundaries you set for yourself, they will soon follow suit.

Turn it off

All those devices that you have don’t have to be on all the time. You can switch them off whenever you like, yet so few people do so. If it’s too much to ask of yourself, you can always set up filters for your emails, so that they don’t come through at certain times. Or, you can just set your phone on silent and ignore everything while you spend valuable time with your family. At some point, you have to appreciate what is important in life. No one ever wished they had worked more when they are on their deathbed – but wishing they spent more time with their family is a universal regret.


Encourage better work practices

If you are unhappy or don’t feel safe at work for any reason, it can impact on your private life. So, do something about it. Your employer has a legal obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for you to work in. And, there are strict rules and regulations for them to follow. Check out outsourced health and safety consultants, Peninsula Group. They have some great info on what your employer should be looking at regarding their obligations. If you see any areas where they aren’t pulling their weight, bring them to their attention. It will help you feel a lot more empowered in your job, and ensure that you are fit and healthy to enjoy your time off when you have it.

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Appreciate your job

Of course, none of this is to say that you should lose respect for the work that you do. It’s important for the mind and the body to do something that you achieve in – and it brings home the money that your family needs to survive. It’s a significant part of your life – but you should also make sure you have the time free to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Holidays, dinner with friends, a gift for a friend – they are all achievable through working.


How do you separate work + life?


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  1. In one way or another, I failed at all of those healthy work practices last year. I was MISERABLE. It was through my failure I began to understand how important boundaries actually are (…even though I was teaching boundaries to other people! Oh, the irony.) I am grateful, however, for the lessons learned.

    Great post!!

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