Holiday shopping guide in New York City

Recently I did an interview with CheapFlights UK regarding shopping tips for travels… You can listen to the podcast or read the full article here.

I’ve heard from so many people how helpful they are, that I decided to share on my blog. I know tomorrow I plan on finishing up my Christmas shopping (LAST MINUTE!) I hope these tips help you if you’re new to the city.

nyc shopping tips

Cheapflights: I’m speaking to Jessi Green in New York. Hello, Jessi.

Jessi Green: Hi.

Cheapflights: There are obviously some peak shopping times, like Christmas, January sales, Black Friday, etc. Do you have any tips for these periods? Where are the best bargains and how can you get them?

Jessi Green: Yes, definitely. Obviously you see a big increase of how many people are in New York City during these times. Black Friday is usually the biggest day, obviously. I would always tell people just really check online first to see what kind of bargains and deals are happening because a lot of times these stores will say that they’re going to have great deals and you spend all this time going and it’s really not a deal at all. Really do your research.

Then something I always do is I take out a notepad and I really map out a plan of what things are necessary things that I’m trying to get, specifically for Christmas, and then what things are just things that I maybe would like to purchase but it’s not that important, in case the line is really long.

Then the last thing is I would say definitely bring a friend. Sometimes the lines can be very, very long and it can really just get boring, so having a friend with you that you can laugh with or grab a cup of coffee with while you’re shopping and just really get their opinion on the items that you’re purchasing. It just makes the whole experience so much better.

Cheapflights: Yes, I totally agree with the bringing a friend thing. It makes such a big difference, doesn’t it?

Jessi Green: Oh my gosh, yes. I once went shopping by myself and it was an absolutely miserable experience.

Cheapflights: Which brings us on very nicely to the next question because shopping is a tiring business. What’s the best food you can think of to fill you up and can you recommend some good places to get it?

Jessi Green: Yes, definitely. Obviously, being in New York City, I love bagels, so I feel like if you’re going to come to New York to shop you definitely want to start off with a classic New York bagel and cream cheese. Plus carbs are good to help you have energy throughout the morning.

I also always make sure to have a really good pause in the afternoon, so actually taking the time to go and have a lunch, enjoy yourself. Take a few hours to eat with your friends. Then a lot of people go to Soho to shop, so there’s a million great, great places. I love this one restaurant called Freemans. It’s very cosy. The food is great. It’s a really cute place.

Honestly, if you just type in ‘restaurants to go to’ so many will pop up. I think that’s actually one of the best things about New York, is the food. Try different cuisines and just really enjoy the food there while you’re shopping as well.

Cheapflights: New York is renowned for its fashion of course, but is there anything else that really sets New York apart from a shopping perspective?

Jessi Green: Yes. I would definitely say the sample sales that we have here. What’s really cool is a lot of these big brands have their showrooms here in New York City, so they’ll often do these huge sample sales. Sometimes you can get really, really nice designer items for almost 80% off.

Cheapflights: Wow.

Jessi Green: Yes, it’s crazy. That’s something that is amazing. This is going to sound funny, but the street shopping. We have a tonne of vendors and local designers that just set up tables on the street and sell their items. Some of the best stuff that you can get is sometimes right on the street.

Cheapflights: That sounds fantastic. Have you got any shopping horror stories from New York?

Jessi Green: Yes, everyday shopping in New York.

Cheapflights: What, like groceries?

Jessi Green: Yes. Honestly, just shopping in New York is very difficult because the thing is, so everyone is coming to shop here in winter and I think everyone forgets how really cold it is here. We don’t have really indoor malls, so every time you leave a store you’re smacked in the face with the cold winter. Then your hands just get tired from holding bags. It’s a long process and you definitely need a full day to recover afterwards. It’s just hard to shop here in general, but it’s always really worth it.

Cheapflights: Jessi, thank you so much for speaking to us.

Jessi Green: Thank you so much for having me.


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