Governors Ball – 2014 – adventure

I have always wanted to go to Governors Ball. I love live music, sunny days and being outside in general. When my friend Leah told me she had gotten us tickets – I was so pumped! 

I woke up super early to spend some time journaling and just being thankful for my day. 
Then I had to plan my outfit:

I got this new hat from Profound Co. – I AM OBSESSED with it. I got so many compliments throughout the day and it kept me cool in the hot sun.
I think girls can rock hats to … 

I then put on ripped jean cut offs (a festival staple) and a white tank top. However, I knew I wanted some color.
Quick Fashion DIY:
Take an old button up that you dont wear, cut the sleeves 2 inches above elbow, and cuff. SIMPLE!!

Profound Aesthetic.jpg

Of course being someone that works in social media for the luxury + lifestyle market – I needed to have cool accessories! On my left arm I wore this incredible Gypsies and Debutantes cuff. It’s like a massive friendship bracelet. 

On my right arm I wore a stack of  Sisco Berluti beaded bracelets. I love these because they literally have 1 million colors!

As you all know, I am a brand ambassador for Red Carpet Manicure.  So it would be absolutely silly if I didn’t do something fun with my nails. I decided in true festival spirit – to do lots of colors, designs and a different design on each nail. Which one is your favorite? My husband likes the Chevron.



This is my BFF Leah – we got breakfast, took the subway all the way up, then a bus. Quite the adventure. 



It was really hot – they were not joking about this heat. Luckily there was free ice cream. Free tastes so good!



I was soooo sad to be missing Liberty Church so I had to take a picture with Lady Liberty and post on my instagram! It’s so cool to be a part of a church that is better than a music festival (words I never thought I’d say 5 years ago).  



Ok, so I will tell you a little secret – one of the artists gave us our tickets 🙂 So we ended up going through Guest Check-In. This was kinda fun, I won’t lie.




So we wandered around in the heat for 4 hours, till we found out that our passes were VIP passes. We were soooo excited when we got in! There were really nice bathrooms (this matters at a festival) and no lines for food, and tons of eating. I think the best part though was being right at the stage without having to wait.

I was laughing because isn’t that so much life Christianity. God says the Kingdom is ours, knock and the door will be opened… and yet we are surprised when we are blessed and we struggle through life when God promises us everything. I wonder what you have a VIP pass to in your life – if only you would just go to the door and ask.








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