Friendly Fashion : Shawna K

Modern wonderland friendly fashion


modern wonderland friendly fashion

Living in NYC … you sometimes look around and think “Wow, I know the most incredible people.” So, I decided to share some fashion + inspiration from the people that inspire me the most.

Today :

Shawna K



shawna first picmodernn wonderland friendly fashionShawna live in NYC with her awesome husband Chad. She is a woman of many talents and gifts. She is extremely passionate about people, justice, freedom + storytelling.

She inspires me because she is a tough and yet tender. She fights for what is right, and loves people A LOT. I met Shawna through Liberty Church and we became good friends. She is a loyal friend and someone that will really LISTEN (which is tough to find in this city).

She runs Liberty City which is:


She also has a great sense of style + AMAZING white blonde hair 🙂

Shawna Collage

Shawna’s fashion style is pretty simple:

  • Lots of shoe options

  • Blazers upon blazers upon blazers…

  • Various pairs of denim (many shades of black/grey)

  • Tons of fun accessories (bangles + bold pieces)

  • Fun POPS of colorshawna clothes

shawna collage 2Shawna’s home is a great representation of her and Chad. It is warm, cozy and inviting. They have big couches that invite you in, large windows with natural light, and a fireplace. Their whole apartment is decorated so simply but yet really intentional.shawna houseI asked Shawna a few questions about herself:

shawna K modern wonderland

Favorite color: I hate that question I cannot answer that question

Favorite place to shop: I shop everywhere from Bloomingdales to thrift shops. Zara. Madewell. I worked at JCrew in college during the Mickey Drexler/Jenna Lyons revolution so I’ll always have a special loyalty to JCrew.

Passions: compassion and perspective that’s why I’m a storyteller.

“Could a greater miracle take place then for us to look through each other’s eyes for a moment.”- Theroux

Good storytelling can open peoples eyes. Lead to compassion which leads to understanding.
If we all had better understanding of one another there would be more forgiveness. less hurting one another. the world would be a totally different place.

shawna tattooCurrently working on:
Pre-production on a documentary
Writing my first book-a memoir.
Restaurants: Went to Alta in West Village for my anniversary. I love small plates so we’ve checked out a lot of tapas restaurants in the city. This one was pricey but the ambiance was so romantic. Love Graffiti and Caracas in East Village. Nona’s in LES has my favorite pizza. I have yet to find a burger that rocks my socks off.
Something someone in NY could do: I love to people watch. You really get a sense of NYC culture just watching people. My favorite spot is The Highline. It’s just beautiful. Ill grab a coffee and sit there for hours just watching people interact as they pass by. People go there for dates. To be alone. To read. To sightsee. I’ve rarely seen anyone angry there. This city is actually full of great people and its fun to watch how people treat each other when they don’t know someone’s watching.


Where is your favorite spot in New York City?

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