My first married Valentine’s day


This valentine’s day was extra special…

This was my first Valentine’s day as a newly married woman. It’s funny, I absolutely LOVE being married. I thought eventually it would wear off (it has only been six months)… but I still wake-up each morning excited to be married to Parker.

feel everything so deeplyI love this quote because I think it so perfectly describes me. I am a full on feeler. I can “feel” how people are doing and I am very sensitive to how people are doing. In the past, Valentine’s day was always a hard holiday for me. I would equate what the person did for me as the parameter of how much they valued me. Let’s just say – I have had lots of break-ups in the Valentine’s day of past.

However, this Valentine’s day was different. I was married to someone that valued me every day. Someone that I watch dumb shows with and that motivates me to become a better person every day. I was just excited to spend time with my favorite guy… and we ended up having a really great day!

First, I woke up to a ton of Instagram love:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.59.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.00.08 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.00.24 PM instagram love


In the morning, Parks had coffee meetings with his team. During lunch, he came home with these:

white roses


After a fun day of work… we then headed to Eden’s day spa. 

Eden’s spa is my absolute favorite! My bridesmaids took me there the morning of my bachelorette. Parker has never had a massage so I wanted to treat him to one. I recently got an extra client through NYC-Collective so I was able to surprise him with this.

Eden’s spa is great because the prices are very reasonable. Also, it is a true spa experience. You have the robes, steam rooms, and peaceful atmosphere. This is surprisingly hard to find in the city (many massages are the back of a nail salon).

After our massages, they gave us a complimentary meal, fruit + tea.

edens spa massage

edens spa massage









Once our massages were finished, we headed to the movies.

We decided to go to Battery Park since the theater there is always nice. We came across ice sculptures, a small ice rink, a beautiful sunset, and a peaceful view of the Hudson. We decided to hang out a bit and enjoy the views. 

battery park sunset battery park sunset kiss

At the movies we saw:

a winters tale movie review


A winter’s tale…

Let’s just say, I don’t recommend this movie. It was completely random + they took no time to build up the love story. However, Parker and I were very entertained by the randomness that occurred. If you see this movie, please tell me what you think.

We ended the night at one of our favorite restaurants: Bubby’s

Bubby’s has great cozy food + a really cute atmosphere. Parker got a huge meat plate and I had nachos (not Revival Diet approved). We then decided to end the night with dessert. Their pie is amazing. Period.

bubbys pie

How was your Valentine’s day? What special thing did you do?


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  1. I saw Winter’s Tale…I’m really interested in reading the book. The casting was great except for Will Smith. I thought he was rather off. It was less of a love story than the trailers made it out to be, so my expectations were not met there. I feel like there was a good story in there, it just wasn’t connected, developed and displayed as well as it should have been.

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