Effortless Ways To Stop Feeling Lost In A Big City

I love New York City. It’s an exciting place to live, and excitement is never far away.

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But I know that if you’ve just moved to a big city it can be easy to feel lost and only. I’ve been thinking about a few ways to make you love you city, whether it’s New York or somewhere else.


Learn Something New

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I enjoy learning new things and it’s even more fun when you learn with others. If you don’t know anyone in your city, take the plunge and learn something new. If you’re nervous, find a course or class that’s starting from fresh. This way it’s likely everyone will be in the same boat as you. Not only will you learn a new skill but you’ll also be making new friends. Joining something new is all about getting out of your comfort zone. It just takes a little confident to make the first step.


Use Social Media

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One of the easiest ways to stay in touch with friends and family is through social media. Encourage them to share short videos and photos with you as much as you would with them. This way, if you’re far away from the action you can still feel involved. Social media is also an easy way to meet new people and find out about what’s going on in your area. Look at local hashtags and search for events and get out there!


Take A Break

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If you’re not used to city life, it can be overwhelming. In big cities, there’s always so much going on, and everyone can seem to be in a rush. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need a break. You don’t have to return to your hometown; you could even arrange a weekend trip with some friends. Even though going it alone sounds like it might be boring, a couple of days to yourself could help. Go somewhere with a slow pace and even hit the spa.


Remember Home Comforts


Is there something that makes you really think about home or being happy? Bring it into your new city life! It could be as simple as having trinkets around your home or cooking a homely meal. Invite your new friends to your place and treat them to some good home cooked food. It’ll help your new friends to learn more about you, and you’ll feel more at home.


Talk About It


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The worst thing you can do if you’re feeling lost is to stay quiet about it. Your friends and family are there to help you out when it gets tough. Pick up the phone and let them know how you feel. A few words of encouragement from someone who knows you well could be all you need! If you know any other newbies to the city, speak to them and find out how they dealt with the transition. You can guarantee that most people will have felt the same as you at some point.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your new journey. If you have any ideas for people that are new to the crazy city lifestyle, please share.

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