Being a girl in New York City Series

community1Every new season, Liberty Church starts a new set of community groups. Jessi has led several in the past on all different topics such as spiritual gifts, dating, supernatural ways of royalty, etc.

This season – she decided to lead one on life and dating as a girl in NYC. She is leading the group with her best friend Gracie.

What the group is about: life in New York City as a twenty – early thirty something. We will be discussing life topics such as jobs, being a Christian and mostly dating.

Why: We chose to do the group because this is what we talk to girls about the most. We have both had countless coffee dates with girls and this is what comes up. We really want to focus primarily on dating because this is a primary focus for girls our age. We have had to learn hard lessons that we would like to pass on. Last Spring, Jessi led a group called “Single in the City” with Mavis Green. It was such a life changing group and we wanted to take what we’ve learned, share it, and add more.

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Resources: To be honest, we couldn’t find one book that truly covered what we wanted to share. So instead, we are pulling together the best resources as material for the group. Each Monday we will post a blog that will be discussed in the group on Wednesday.


How to join: You can join 1 of the 30 groups online at However, our group is currently full. We did want to invite others into the conversation – so we invite you to participate by commenting on the posts.


Questions: We would love to know your questions and hopefully answer a few. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment area. If you’re in the group – please bring your questions on Wednesday nights!


what jessi saysWhat Jessi says:

I really wanted to do this group because last years group was so fruitful. I learned so many practical things about dating and being a Christian in the city. I was very much single when I led the group last time, and I am now engaged to be married September 20th, 2013. I think I can share some lessons I have learned as well as give positive feedback to the many questions I am asked. I honesty believe every girl is meant to be with a guy that truly cherishes her and leads her closer to God. My hope is that you leave this group with fresh eyes, new friends, and a heart full of hope and promise.


GracieGirlMeetsLifeWhat Gracie says:

I literally do not think I would make it living in New York without my girl friends. As a young woman trying to balance my career, planning my future, having a social life, and dating, it’s not always easy to hold it all together. But with the help of my girl friends and different things I’ve learned over the past few years, I’m excited to share how I find balance in my own life. As far as dating goes, it can be confusing in and of itself, but a lot of times Christian dating can bring even more challenges. I’m definitely still on a journey myself, but I’m hoping that sharing my experiences can at least be of some help to other girls. Not to mention I just love the idea of setting aside nights to chat, eat cupcakes, and be girlie!



We hope you join in on the conversation – online – every Monday night! What are some questions you have about dating and just being a girl in nyc?

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  1. So awesome that you girls are doing this study, and I totally agree that dating in NYC — and on top of that, dating as a Christian girl in NYC — is totally an art/sport/obstacle course in itself. Excited to see what you girls discuss and look forward to reading your posts!

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