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I decided to write this post because it is a topic I have been discussing with my friends lately and has been really influencing my life choices. Character is one of those funny things, because it may be something you are ignorant about and yet it still defines you.

I used to always say “I am just being transparent,” when displaying bad behavior. I believed in my mind that everyone had some flaws, and if people were not showing them, they were obviously being fake. Do I have some major flaws, yes – however, I no longer want to make excuses for them – I want to face them head on.

I have always been a natural leader – it was a gift I was born with. However, now running a company and pastoring a church with my husband – my character needs to be able to deal with the difficult circumstances that life sometimes brings. character

I have learned that in life’s most difficult situations is when you learn the most about your character – who you really are to the core.

My hope is that this blog post can help you work on your character before you HAVE to work on it. I want you to be able to sustain your dreams without the blessing destroying you.

In reading a book by John C. Maxwell – he explains that leaders cannot rise above the limitations of their character. What happens is – the more people you begin to lead and the greater influence that you have – the more your character is tested.

Before I was a Christian – I didn’t really think much about character. I carried on with my daily life and did several things behind closed doors. My decisions had no real impact on anyone because I was living for myself. As I became a Christian – my character was in constant development. However, many leaders believe they get to a certain point and then – they are finished.

WE ARE NOT STRIVING FOR PERFECTION HERE. You will become disappointed rather quickly. We are looking for improvements – to remain self aware and teachable. To become a generation that is always learning. The day you think you know it all… you actually know nothing.

“If you can become the leader you ought
to be on the inside, you will be able to
become the person you want on the
outside. People will want to follow you.
And when that happens, you’ll be able
to tackle anything in this world.” – John C Maxwell


John Maxwell says to improve your character, do the following:

1. Search for the cracks – Spend some time looking at major areas of your life (work, marriage, friendships). Is there anywhere you may have cut corners or let people down? Write down every instance you can remember in the last two months

2. Look for patterns – Examine your responses. Is there an area you have a weakness, does one problem keep surfacing? Detectable patterns will help you diagnose character issues.

3. Face it- The beginning of character repair comes from facing your flaws, apologizing and dealing with consequences. Create a list and follow through.

4. Rebuild – It’s one thing to face past actions – it’s another to build a future. Create a plan that will prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

What do you think is the hardest character improvement for our generation?




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