Advice: Easy Tricks to getting the perfect Beach Waves

Let’s be honest – everyone’s hair looks better after a day at the beach. However, for some reason – it’s nearly impossible to replicate. I remember thinking on my wedding day “maybe I will just jump in the ocean and let my hair just dry.” Luckily, my friend Gina Guercia from Oscar Blandi was able to show me a few tricks on my special day. 

I love beach waves during the Spring + Summer months and I have been on a quest to find the best way to have bright ocean locks. 
Below are the best tips I could find. Let me know how your wavy locks turn out!

1. Surf Spray

There are so many kinds – it is almost overwhelming. The truth is – most people already have a natural wave in their hair. So the right surf spray can create a lot of texture and a really easy and carefree look for summer.

I recommend:

bumble surf spray 

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 4oz

sexy hair healthy surf sprayHealthy Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray

Using salt spray to create beach waves is simple. I suggest spraying a little onto damp hair and scrunching your hair from the bottom up. Then either let it air dry or use a diffuser, and then add a little bit more. I personally like how it looks the second day – just apply a little dry shampoo, if needed, and a spritz or two of salt spray to rejuvenate your waves.

If you’re on a budget – you can easily make your own Surf Spray at home. Here is how I do it:

DIY surf Spray

2. Curling Irons

Ive heard the 3 barrel curling irons are a miracle worker, however I have not tried it yet. I think I may eventually buy the Revlon Perfect Heat 3 Barrel Waver
. However, for now I use Instant Heat Curling Iron, 1-Inch

 blonde beach wave tutorial modern wonderland blonde beach waves

Using a curling iron is super easy – all you do is separate your dry hair into sections, spraying your heat protectant as you go, and (starting closer to your roots) twist the hair around the outer barrel, hold for 10 seconds and repeat. Finish with a holding spray, and you’re all done! It’s super easy and pretty quick (depending on how much hair you have).

Afterwards, I will usually flip over my hair a spray surf spray for added texture.

3. The bun/braid method

Spray damp hair with sea salt after showering (best if the night before). Make sure to let your hair air dry and divide it into sections. Then twist it in small buns + go to sleep. When you wake up, finger comb your hair + spray some extra surf spray. Voila!


Send me a Pinterest link of your favorite beach hair styles in the comments section!

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