Your 2014 closet essentials

nyc small closet organization


This is the size of an average NYC closet…

If that. Two years ago, I shared a closet a little bit bigger than that with another girl!

Those that live outside of New York City will never have to face the perils of living in very small spaces. Perhaps this is why NYC is the city that doesn’t sleep – no room for a bed. 😉

Okay, okay… it’s not that bad. However, living in NY you need to make adjustments. Every season, my girlfriends and I do a clothing swap to purge what we don’t wear. This is so hard to do because I will admit – I am a clothing hoarder. I’ve held onto boots with holes, ripped purses, and shirts that don’t exactly fit. 

Our seasonal clothing swap is quickly approaching. So I decided to make a list of wardrobe essentials for any NYC gal (or really any gal in general). Hope this helps!

hanky panky bralette

 A bra that makes you look amazing 
 1 each tan/ white/black no line undies
 Spanx (sometimes you need them for those extra tight dresses)
 2-3 comfy/ fun everyday bras – I am a huge fan of the Hanky Panky Bralette
 A strapless bra – preferably in nude
 A few “ special” fancy bras 
 20 pairs of cute every day undies
    10 pairs of “special” fancy undies
     2-3 Sports bras 
     1 luxurious robe – black silk w/ lace is a great starter
     As much lingerie as you want!

2014 topsTOPS
 2 white, 2 black and 2 colored tank tops  – I typically one tight/one loose
 2 white, 2 black and 2 grey loose tee (deep V or scoop neck is universally flattering,
ideally you’ll have a mix of fits, shapes and necklines here so you can mix it up.) Brandy Melville has the best tee fits in my opinion.
 1 white and 1 black fitted shirt
 1 white and 1 black loose shirt – something like these
 1 denim/chambray shirt (they are still in trend – amazing)
     1 floral or animal print or other pattern button up (make sure it buttons to the top)
     1 flowy black silk shirt – dressed up in 1,2,3 – see here

 leather jacket must have

 A flattering black leather jacket 
 A goes-with-everything black blazer
 A light colored fitted jacket (can be another blazer)
 One stunner jacket – your BOLD one! Think leopard, sequins, fur!
 A warm and flattering winter coat in a neutral color (Canada Goose) – see here
 A long jacket in a neutral color – trench jacket works here
 A casual parka / wind-breaker style jacket – preferably in green

cozy sweatshirt

1 light and 1 dark short cardigan YUK I HATE CARDIGANS unless they are grandpa size
 3 good quality and flattering light weight knits (1 white, 1 black, 1 bold)
 1 black zippered hoodie (thanks american apparel)
 2 or more statement knits – bigger = better – see here
     1 cool kid grey crew neck sweatshirt for when you are being cool (see above photo)

distressed jeans

 1 pair dark indigo blue jeans (in whatever cut you find the most flattering)
 1 pair black jeans
     1 pair “vintage” or pre-loved and faded look casual jeans (see above image)
     1 pair beautifully tailored black dress pants
     1 pair of harem pants – making lounging look less loungy
     1 pair of leather or faux leather black pants (what did I do before these)
     1 pair 7/8th length really beautifully tailored cigarette pants in black 
     1 pair casual denim shorts
     1 pair of white denim jeans for summer or winter white
      At least one pair of brightly colored or print pants and shorts in whatever style you look and feel best in.
     1 pair of black leather leggings, and regular leggings. Yeah, I said it. Leggings are pants!

cocktail party dress

(For me personally, my list is longer because I love dresses + skirts – especially in summer)
     A LBD that makes you feel amazing 
     A maxi dress – think beach
     1 neutral day dresses – see here
     It Factor cocktail dress (see above image)
     1 black, 1 white flowy skirt
      One show stopper skirt – leather, sequins, etc.

leopard sneakers

 1 pair ballet flats (that can fit in your purse for commuting)
 1 pair flat sandals
 1 pair black heels (high)
 1 pair nude heels (high)
 1 pair neutral-colored strappy heels
 1 pair booties
 1 pair casual boots
 2 pairs of “fun” shoes (see above image)
     1 pair of black converse sneakers
     1 pair of Nikes 
     1 pair of “baller” heels 

ben amun statement bracelet

 Simple stud earrings
 Fun earrings
 Bib style statement necklace
 Long layered necklaces
 Simple short length chain necklace with simple charm or pendant
 Casual watch
 Fancy watch
 Statement cocktail ring
 Chain bracelet – I prefer chunky, see above

prada bag

 A tote or everyday bag 
 A mid-sized black bag
     A backpack – yup, I love those backpacks!
 A super glam clutch (in gold or black)
     A weekender bag 
    And once you make that cheddah – one NICE DESIGNER BAG!


Did I miss any items that you can’t live without?


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