15 things girls like to do on social media

We all love social media…

However, all of us girls are guilty for being a little bit “much” sometimes. Here are a few thing’s that get us girls really close to the “unfollow.”


1. Take pictures in a mirror reflection… in their stellar outfits…. with some hashtag like #GirlsNight or #DayVSNight


2. Take a picture of someone they deem inferior to themselves in some way with the question: Really?


3. Thank their husband or boyfriend for being the best husband or boyfriend in the world while their husband or boyfriend is sitting right next to them.


4. Complain about bad service. “Ugh, worst massage ever… never going back!”

5. Express their extreme excitement to see their best friends tonight- with a full roll call- and include some stupid girly things.

“Gracie, Leah, Erica, Sara, Kristine, Patti, etc, etc, etc!! Love YOU GIRLS!! #Besties #funtimes #LOP”

6. Take pictures wearing a lot of makeup and looking really girly while simultaneously making a “hard” facial expression and holding up what they consider to be a gangster sign. Potential caption: ‘Ball so hard”

7. Take pictures of undeserving food. For example: did this really need a picture on instagram, twitter, facebook, and pinterest? Everyone knows how to make oatmeal.

8. Make their status the song lyrics of any Bon Iver, Mumford and Sons, Adele, Coldplay, Ray Lamontagne, Lumineers song. Hashtag : “Oneofthosedays”

9. Write angry letters to companies (Dear Starbucks, your coffee is the worst!), unorganized groups of people (Dear girls on the street who think that leggings can be worn as pants..), and non-entities (Dear unseasonably cold weather, why are you so cold?!)

10. Subtly yell at no one in particular while being very specific. “Wow, it’s hard to believe that you think you know someone and then they turn around and STAB YOU IN THE BACK. Will never make that mistake again. EVER.”

11. Document exceedingly mundane activities for the day. “Going to brunch today. Then getting much-needed things for the apartment. Then it’s off to the post office to mail some bills. Then stopping by the salon. Will probably need some more food by the end, so I may stop at a restaurant in soho. But I might be tired so I’ll probably just grab something. But if I’m not very tired I’ll probably just go to some happy hour. Again, unless I am tired.”

12. Post the same picture in diptic… to get the point across…that they can make different facial expressions.

13. Instagram a picture of a conversation no one cares about. Or even understands.
14. Babies, their baby, other people’s babies, babies BABIES BABIES!
15. A picture of them getting their hair done at the salon – including before, after and everything in between.


Love- A girl who does all these things hehe

What other things are girls guilty of doing?

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  1. Ahhh they’re all sooo true! My absolute pet peeve is new parents who provide updates on their kids toilet training. No, just no.

    PS found you via Gracie, congrats on your engagement!

  2. So unbelievably true and funny! Great blog 🙂

    I agree with Amanda above – that is one of my biggest pet peeves as well. What I also don’t need to see if a picture of that same kid while on the toilet – Some things should just be kept to torment your child on their wedding day.

    – Nicole xo

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