10 things no one tells you about the first trimester

In my last post about pregnancy post  I mentioned not having any morning sickness yet.
Well, I definitely spoke too soon.
My first trimester was hell on earth – can I say that? I feel this constant internal conflict because I am SO SO SO excited to be pregnant and can’t wait to have a little baby to love. However, I think sometimes we sugar coat how we actually feel because well “you shouldn’t be negative.”
Yet, I wish some blogs were just a little more honest. As I was curled up in the couch moaning in agony scrolling through Pinterest for solutions – every blog was all “this is a beautiful experience, drink tea” and all I wanted was someone to say “I know, this sucks! Your husband doesn’t get it!” Now obviously everyone has different experiences – some better, some worse. I just hope this can make you feel “normal” through the process.

10 things no one tells you about the first trimester


  • Morning sickness doesn’t just apply to mornings. I found myself throwing up when I woke up, then around noon, then again at 8pm, then maybe another time at 3am. Oh Joy!
  • You’re exhausted but can’t sleep. Around 3pm I found my body dragging around, would hit the pillow at 9pm and then COULD NOT SLEEP through the night! I ended up sleeping on the couch several nights just because watching my husband sleep was annoying me.
  • Ginger doesn’t help. Tea doesn’t help. What works for others may not work for you. TRY EVERYTHING. For me, the only thing that took the edge off was smelling peppermint oil. (If you want to order any, let me know – my friend gets a discount.)
  • It’s surprising how quickly your clothes will barely fit. I lost about 8 pounds but was completely bloated around my waist – leggings, all day, everyday.
  • Getting sick during the first trimester is THE WORST. I had the flu for a week during my first trimester. You can’t take the normal meds you would, you feel awful, and just want to cry. I did. 
  • When you go to the Doctor and actually see the baby move – it is so weird. You know a baby is growing in you, but it makes it so real. How is something the size of a plum moving inside me, and I can’t feel it. Freaky.
  • Rest is key. Every night that I stayed out late – I suffered the next day for it. JUST SAY NO to being out past 9pm. JUST SAY NO!
  • Fruit, glorious fruit! If I drank a glass of water, I threw up. You start to get dehydrated which leads to headaches that you can’t take meds for. Eat watermelon, grapefruit, cantaloupe, whatever you can keep down. 
  • No one understands. It’s okay. I remember just feeling so frustrated because I couldn’t express to my husband how I felt. That it’s annoying when people say “It will get better” because you know it will but it’s not better now, and right now you can’t focus on anything besides not throwing up on those people. 
  • DON’T BUY BABY STUFF YET- It is too early. I already want to deck the halls with onesies, cribs, a baby gear galore. I am pumped and I know I will buy a bunch of garbage I don’t need. Just wait.


Needless to say – it’s all worth it. I still don’t get those people that say “I love being pregnant.” I am convinced that once the baby comes out of you, your brain gets erased like Men in Black and you forget all of this stuff. I am convinced that once you have a baby in your arms, you’d be willing to throw up 1,000 more times. Until then – keep your hair tied back, take warm showers, and don’t take the subways if you live in NYC. Ugh, why does everyone smell so bad on the subway! 

Is there anything you wish someone told you in your first trimester?

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