Your Guide to Buying the Ultimate Watch

Do you dream of wearing the ultimate timepiece? Having a fantastic watch can be a status symbol. It can tell people a lot of about your personality, tastes, and a lot about your personal style. So, how do you go about buying a watch that you will really love? Use these tips:

Set a Sensible Budget

First off, set a sensible budget. You can’t buy a watch for $4,000 if you only have $5,000 in your account. That’s not sensible. Just because you could buy it if you really wanted to, doesn’t mean you should struggle for the rest of the month. That isn’t very impressive at all! If you really want an expensive watch, save up for a long time to buy it. Then work out whether you want to spend the money that you’ve spent so long saving on a timepiece. If you do, then treat yourself! You need to spend an amount you’re comfortable with, as well as an amount you can realistically afford. There’s a phrase that goes ‘if you can’t afford to buy 3 of them, you can’t afford it’. It’s a good rule to live by.

Consider the Occasion

Think of the occasion on which you’ll wear this watch. If it’s a special occasion, you’ll want to go for something fairly dressy. If you’re wearing it every day, it’ll be a watch that is a little plainer, says Shinola. Work out what you want in a watch, or even what is missing from your collection if you have one.

Look at Other Accessories

Take a look at your other accessories and make an effort to pick a watch that fits in with those too, especially if you wear them often. Having a flashy watch is great, but if the rest of your stuff is understated then it might not look right. Don’t just go for something that’s in ‘fashion’ now either. Fashion comes and goes, so it might not be ‘in’ next week. This should be something that suits you perfectly!


Take Style Into Account

You obviously want to take your style into account when finding the watch for you. If you’re quite laid back all the time, don’t feel compelled to buy a flashy watch for a special occasion, or just because you feel obligated to. You need to love this watch because it fits in with your style and personality!

Read Reviews

Read reviews on certain brands and models before you spend the money. Some brands are considered better than others, but it is mainly down to personal preference. Learning a little about the brands and models before you buy might help you to make your decision. I personally am a HUGE fan of Jack Mason watches – which is a new brand I just started working with. 

Use this guide when you go watch shopping and you should find a timepiece you love. As long as it suits you and you’re happy with it, other people will take notice. Don’t worry about what they’ll think if they don’t like it though; it’s your money and your wrist!

What is your favorite watch and why?


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