Top Tips For Wearing Jewelry To The Office

No matter what kind of profession or industry you are in, workwear is something you need to get right. If done successfully, it can command respect, enhance your professionalism and boost your confidence. But some of us are limited to the outfit choices we can wear to work and that is where jewelry comes in. Jewelry can take the most basic of uniforms or suits and turn them into something chic and full of personality. So instead of just sticking to basic and boring, use these top tips to teach you how to wear jewelry and make your workwear far more attractive.


Invest in some pearls

Pearl jewelry sets have been a popular workwear favorite for decades. This is because they work well and complement almost any outfit and ooze sophistication and glamour. You can use them to dress up a simple t-shirt or a patterned shift dress. They also look fantastic with suits and shirts and you can even wear them for after work drinks or nights out. Their simplicity makes them an easy to wear option that still makes an impact. It’s always best to choose a size and colour of pearl that works well with the workwear you have. You don’t want to buy something too chunky or dainty as they may get damaged or break, depending on the work you do. Go for a middle size and if you’re unsure which colour to choose, you can’t go wrong with white.

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Less is always more

Wearing the same uniform each day or the same items of workwear each week can make it tempting to go wild with your jewelry and accessories. You may feel that the clothing you wear is not portraying your personality or the style you want. But over-accessorising can make your look confused and messy. So remember that less is always more and only wear approximately three pieces to work each day. While this might seem limiting, it will make you look more fashionable while still allowing you to express yourself in the right way. Alternate and experiment with different combinations to keep your look fresh and new. That way you won’t get stuck in a rut and feel happier about your appearance.

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Add some personality

Some workplaces are very strict about the jewelry you wear and require simple, unassuming pieces. But that doesn’t mean you cannot add some personality to the items you wear. Stacked rings, pendant necklaces and brooches can all bring interest and colour to your look without getting you into trouble. If your boss is quite laid back, you can be more adventurous with your jewelry choices but don’t go over the top. Your jewelry should always enhance not distract. Experiment with the accessories you have for styling ideas and colour combinations. This should give you a good indication of what works and what doesn’t.

You should now feel more confident about accessorising your workwear with jewelry. Use your common sense and consider the working environment you spend your days in and choose your jewelry accordingly.


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