Pinning or Cloning?

Pinning or Cloning?

Are you owning your style or cloning other people’s style on Pinterest?

Pinterest can be a tool for inspiration and ways to mix up your look but it can also keep you trying to measure up to a standard of someone else’s style.


Soon, you begin trying to clone the “perfect” #ootd from Instagram or Pinterest and notice yourself shopping all the time but never really becoming satisfied with how you look. “good enough” becomes the standard and worrying about what you are going to wear becomes a part of your morning ritual.
I want to encourage you to dig a little deeper and find your own convictions about what your best aesthetic looks like.

pinning or cloning

Defining my own aesthetic preferences has helped me find peace about what I wear on a daily basis. I’ve been able to shop more skillfully and less often, making calculated purchases and taking intentional risks according to my aesthetic vision. Instead of trying to look as good as a Pinterest girl, I set my own standards and measure how I look based on that vision. I use Pinterest intentionally as a tool to inspire and refine my vision.

This picture is one of my favorites from Pinterest because she represents what I feel I look like at my best: pale, white-blonde, and wearing all white. This isn’t me trying to look like her; rather it represents my personal style vision. It is reflection of how I see myself, at my best (all of my natural physical traits present, only at a magnified level).

I’ve found that people, who have great style, also have deep convictions about the philosophy of their aesthetic preferences. They are more confident and are usually more attractive. These are the people who inspire others to take more risks in developing their own style. In other words, they are the ones uploading their own photos and being pinned.

Obviously, not everyone will care this much about what they wear. The point is that for those of us who have, or are still struggling with discontentedness in this area, our struggle can actually become our victory when we decide to stop being reactive (just trying to avoid looking bad) and instead choose to be proactive (taking risks to refine our own style).


This is for the few of us who want to be the trendsetters. This is for those of us who want to experiment, take risks, and charter new territory in fashion.





How do you use pinterest for inspiration?


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