My favorites for January 2015

I wanted to start blogging more about the things that I actually like talking about.
I love telling my friends about the best places to go, things I am learning, and verbally processing my favorite things. These are my official favorites for January 2015!

With the colder temperatures it’s really really hard to keep warm. I love wearing scarves because you can wrap them around your face when New York City’s streets become like wind tunnels. I recently received this amazing scarf from Casana Designs and have been wearing it every day. I love it because it’s cashmere and you can dress it up or down and it’s really really warm without being so bulky. I love that the brand employs artisans in Nepal and that the designer believes in giving back and as such donates 10% of all proceeds to support charities that aid the education of children. 





Cashmere Scarf: Casana Designs
Black Outfit: LeTote
White Sweater: Forever 21
Pearl Necklace: Ben Amun

My friend Gina works with Oscar Blandi and develops products for them. When she introduced me to the Blow Out Creme I knew that my hair would be forever changed. My hair is really thick – so it takes foreeeeeeever to blow dry. To start – it smells awesome. You feel like you’re in a spa. It cuts my drying time by about 10 minutes and it keeps my hair smooth throughout the day which is super helpful with all my winter accessories.

 Oscar Blandi Blow Out Creme


Blow Out Creme: Oscar Blandi Hair

Many people don’t know what I do to make money haha – I clarify – I run a social media agency and we do social media for luxury and lifestyle brands. My company is called NYC-Collective.  One of the brands I work with is Ben Amun. They make absolutely beautiful jewelry and I get to borrow a lot of the pieces. They have made a Starlet collection that I think is so fun for winter. I know it may sounds weird but wearing these earrings makes me feel like a little girl dressing up again!



Starlet Earrings: Ben Amun
Leather Jacket: Forever 21


Skincare – I am all about skincare in 2015! Maybe it’s because I am getting older, or that it’s winter – but I have been more aware of my skin lately. Recently, Nivea Creme gave me a  “Get More For A Dollar” Challenge‏. They sent me a tin which you can purchase for $1. I personally couldn’t believe how long the tin lasted. I used the creme to help moisturize my cuticles, rehydrate under my eyes and cheeks, and all over moisture at home. 

Nivea2 Nivea1



 I hope this was helpful – If there are any specific items you would like me to review – please let me know. I am planning on reviewing some at home spa products so stay posted! xx

What are your favorite products in January?

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