Must Have’s for Montauk 2014

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Montauk. Last summer, I was nearly out there every weekend. I got engaged and married in Montauk – and it truly is my ideal summer escape.

I’ve had so many incredible memories in Montauk and I am excited to head out in July. However, I know many of you will be going out for Memorial Day Weekend – so this is a list of some of the MUST HAVE items you will need this summer. Enjoy xx

montauk must haves 

Shown above are some of my favorite items:

1. Bathing Suits from Forever 21 are both affordable and bright
2. Coconut oil is perfect for applying on your skin after a day at the beach + to make your own Surf Spray
3. Oscar Blandi dry shampoo smells like summer and refreshes your hair before heading to sloppy tuna
4. The Montauk perfume from Bond 9 is my favorite summer scent
5. Red Carpet Manicure has the best lacquers and LED Gel polish in an array of summer shades
6.  Vaalbara bags are perfect for throwing your ID, credit card, and Sunnies in and heading to the beach
7. I’m obsessed with my little Brave journal I got on Mother’s day at Liberty Church
8. Ben-Amun has the best bangles for layering – I love the gold and white rope ones!
9. Oliver Peoples sunglasses are a classic and they don’t scratch and always look great
10. The earrings from Ben-Amun’s Amazon Collection are bright and perfect to add to a simple outfit
11. I love adding colorful bracelets from around the world – those bright ones my husband picked up in Zimbabwe
12. SocialStudTee’s are a new summer staple – vintage tee’s that have cool accents are perfect for throwing on and having a BBQ


vaalbara designsvaalbara bags montauk
Vaalbara bags come in an array of sizes and colors. I am already obsessed with my new clutch and get tons of compliments on it. What’s perfect is, you can keep all your beach essentials in the clutch and throw it into one of the totes when you head out for the night. We all know that sometimes in Montauk there is too many fun things happening to just stop at home.

ruschmeyers montauk

One of my favorite Montauk memories was spending the day at Ditch Plains and watching everyone trying to catch a wave. We then became friends with these two awesome guys – Sal and Sam. Sam happened to be an incredible chef and invited us to a BBQ at Ruschmeyer’s

That meant, we all had to run to our hotel and freshen up – really quickly. The below items will help you do just that!

malin and goetz montauk must have

I became a fan of Malin + Goetz after staying at the Mondrian Soho. Since then, these have become my travel go to items.
They will keep your skin and hair looking fresh and they smell INCREDIBLE!

renpure montauk must have

Renpure Sun and Surf conditioner gives your hair the conditioning it needs (if you have time to shower). I use this all year round because it smells like summer in a bottle.

oscar blandi dry shampoo montauk


Oscar Blandi dry shampoo smells like lemons and when you can’t wash your hair, this is the best fix. I don’t know a girl that doesn’t use dry shampoo. So if you’re going to use one – this is it.


byron montauk


Some afternoons call for food on the beach. Turf is the best. Period. The Lobster roll is my favorite thing to eat in the summer. Just trust me.

In the summer, I love wearing big tank tops that I cut up. However, my friend Kristine has designed a Montauk Short and they are amazing.

You can wear them hanging out on the beach or even lounging around the house as the guys prep for a pre-party before Surf Lodge. 

kbanasik montauk shorts k Banasik montauk shorts

The drawstring is so nautical and the fabric is comfortable and looks great with a tank.


I love everything that reminds me of the ocean. Red Carpet Manicure’s lacquer On Cloud 9 is my favorite color for summer.

red carpet manicure must have

And finally – the necklace EVERYONE is talking about this Summer. The Ben-Amun Amazon Collection Fan necklace. I typically try to keep it pretty simple in the summer, so the fact that I can throw on wedges, ripped jeans, a white tank and this necklace – and look dressed up – well that works for me!.

ben amun.jpg

What items have you used before?





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