How To Get The Style You Want On Any Occasion

There are so many great designers setting the trends right now. With so much choice, how can you create a look that is uniquely you? And would you want to? I think the great thing about New York is the variety that you see every day. Fashion and style are definitely at home here, but nobody looks the same. It isn’t easy to create a single style that says you but if you know what you are looking for, you can create the unique look you want.IMG_4569


Some people start from the bottom up. Others start from the top down. However you choose to begin creating your look you know you are looking for a cohesive style. You want something that brings everything together. This is why your accessories are so important. You can create some incredible looks, but it’s those finishing touches that bring the finesse.

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There’s also nothing wrong with creating your look around your accessories. You may have a great scarf that you want to wear. It won’t necessarily look good with an open V shirt, so you’ll need to pick a top that works. Perhaps you want to wear your boots because it’s raining. They don’t work with the flared trousers so maybe you choose your skirt today.

Sometimes it’s best to start with one or two items and build your outfit up from there. It doesn’t always matter what order you work in. The type of style you are trying to create will lead you from one item to another. For example, if you are working toward a formal outfit, then you might be looking at adding your jewelry from Whiteflash to the mix. If it’s casual, then perhaps your favorite costume jewelry could be more fitting.


Your hair and makeup are a big part of the style you are creating. They help define the look you are going for. If you have problem skin, then you may be wearing more makeup at the moment to hide it. This could create a heavier or more dramatic look. Why not style your hair and your outfit to complement this great look? Loose hairstyles and darker colors in your clothing can look great with smoky eyes and red lips.

Getting the style you want can be easy if you know what you are creating. It’s about combining the right items from your closet to design a look that is right for you at that moment. The label in your clothes doesn’t always matter. Your look is yours alone, even if it is created by several of the best catwalk designers. When you’re putting an outfit together, think about length, shape and color. Bring the entire outfit to life with great jewelry and accessories.

Looking good is your right. New York is one of the best places to be brave and go your own way with style choices. And the best thing is, you’re likely to be admired for it. So go be creative, and bring something new to great mix out there. Pick what you love and rebrand it your own.

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