Fall to Winter with LL bean in NYC

To be honest – I’m one of those few people that doesn’t care for fall. It’s simply because of how much I love summer.

However, living in NYC – Fall and Winter is unavoidable. So I can either choose to complain for 8 months or just embrace the seasons. I think my favorite thing about fall is the fashion. I do love wearing layers, fun hats, boots, and the colors of fall. As for Winter, nothing beats a warm coffee on a cold day!

As the colder months approach (I can’t believe we’ve already had snow) – it’s important to transition with a few key essentials. One of those being, the LL bean boot.

LL bean is one of those classic brands everyone grew up wearing. I mean, who didn’t own an LL bean monogrammed backpack?! Haha
I’ve lived in Manhattan for the last 9 years and have not owned snow boots – crazy right? In the city we have 1 day of snow, and two weeks of slush – and so my feet were always cold and wet. I tried other snow boots on but they were too heavy and clunky for me.

When I discovered that LL Bean had a bean boot with shearling – I knew I had to get them! Not only can the boots keep your feet so warm, but they are surprisingly lightweight and are easy and comfortable to walk in.

I can actually admit – this is the first winter I am excited for and I can’t wait to get these boots into the snow!

How to transition from Fall to Winter:

  1. Get ombre + dark lo-lights put into hair
  2. Wear layers – a button up and sweater is an easy option because both look good on their own
  3. Wear dark polish – I love using the LED gel polish from Red Carpet Manicure
  4. Keep a scarf in your bag – so if it gets colder, you can easily get warmer
  5. Carry around a warm drink – it’s amazing how warm coffee can keep you on your walk to the subway
  6. Wear boots – I like wearing the LL bean boot because it’s not a clunky snow boot but looks cute with a normal outfit



fall fashion 1 melanie auld winter nyc winter nyc fashion 1

dicks cotton nyc

winter fashion nyc 3

winter modern wonderland

winter nyc fashion ll beanwinter nyc fashion 5

Get the look:

Sweater – Forever 21
Button up – Urban Outfitters
Pants – 5 units
Hat – Forever 21
Bag and clutch – Dolce Vita Bags
Jewelry – Melanie Auld
Boots – LL bean
Sunglasses – Dicks Cotton

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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