Behind the scenes at Ben Amun

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“Everything happens here” – Isaac Manevitz

Ben-Amun has been in the same studio, on the same street, in the same great city for over 30 years. With a team of about 30 people, everything happens in the Ben-Amun studio. Every piece of metal is cast here. Every stone is set. Every idea is created, right here in New York City.

Although it is much cheaper to produce outside of New York City, Isaac has never considered it.

When I first came to the showroom and studio, I expected to see several sales desks and shelves showcasing the jewelry collections. Yes, those thing’s were there, and so much more! After spending 5 minutes with Isaac, you understand why everything happens right here in New York City. He is full of energy, passion and excited to design new collections. He hand makes every piece he sells and loves to share his vision regarding beauty and detail.

When you order a beautiful deco necklace or a pair of earrings from the newest collection – your piece of jewelry is made to order, specifically for you. This ensures the quality and value of your piece will never decrease over time but will be a part of a long legacy of beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Join me as I show you behind the scenes at Ben-Amun…


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