5 Style Ideas For Men This Fall

Trying to outline a whole season’s worth of style is a difficult process that pretty quickly becomes overwhelming. There are just so many designers competing for attention, and so many publications and stores pushing different looks. So in lieu of attempting an all-encompassing exposé, I instead wanted to point to five items in clothing or accessories that any fashionable guy should consider snatching up this season.


1. Chelsea Boots

It doesn’t matter who you are, how you dress, or where you come from: the Chelsea boot is far and away the dominant footwear trend for guys heading into the fall and winter of 2015. As noted by Business Insider you’ll see for men’s fashion trends for the season, the immense popularity of these shoes has caused them to be available across a range of prices and in plenty of different styles, which means this is an easy item to find for your own needs. The shoes themselves are quick to put on, comfortable to wear, versatile for dressing up or dressing down, and avoid looking rugged without teetering toward delicate. It’s kind of the perfect shoe.


2. Clunky Sweaters

I’ve always been a fan of lighter, less cumbersome sweaters, but with reports indicating another cold, snowy winter ahead, maybe it’s for the best that this season’s outerwear is clunkier and heavier. Thick, knit sweaters in any of the more neutral colors of the season should do the trick, unless it’s cold enough to need an additional coat or jacket.


3. Checkers & Plaid

Alright, this isn’t exactly an item, but you catch my drift. Plaid typically features fairly prominently in fall fashion, but this year in particular a lot of men’s shirts and outerwear—even including some pants and blazers—is showcasing checkered and plaid designs. This article full of “look book inspiration” shows the versatility with which guys are rolling with the checkers this year.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.45.53 PM

4. Colorful Watches

Unless it looks tiny on your wrist or has a noticeably unattractive design, you’re never going to look out of place with a standard silver chain link watch or a plain black or brown leather band. But for 2015, a lot of guys are opting for more colorful, often more casual looks for their watches. In an extensive collection of men’s watches from a number of designers, you’ll notice a distinct abundance of colorful bands and even watch faces. In particular, nylon straps showing off colors like those associated with a team or college are very popular.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 4.46.48 PM

5. Strapped Bags

Finally, we can all stop pretending the practicality of a briefcase outweighs its clunkiness and lack of fashion appeal. In viewing a number of popular looks in men’s bags for the fall and winter ahead, the overwhelming majority were weather backpacks or single strap day bags. It’s a win for convenience, to be sure, but also by far the more stylish look at this point.

That should serve as a good basic checklist if you just want to grab a few trendy items heading into October. Happy hunting, fellas.


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