A week in my life: September 2014

A lot of times people ask me “what exactly do you do Jessi?” I actually always laugh whenever I am asked this question, because I feel like I have the most random but fun life ever.

Between running two businesses, a personal blog, and pastoring Liberty Church Union Square – my week is often a mix of hard work and interesting people.

So let’s take a look:


So Monday is my “day off”- being a pastor I am usually at church from 8:30am – 10ish pm on Sundays. Parker has Mondays off too so we try to keep this day as open as possible. However, running my own business means I have to do a little bit of work here and there (to Parker’s frustration). So typically we start with nespresso, then go to the gym, then spend time praying and journaling and recapping the weekend.We usually leave our house around 1pm and have lunch at friend of a farmer (our favorite!)

However, this Monday we decided to nix exploring the city and watched movies instead. 




Tuesdays I am typically in the Liberty Church office working on Liberty’s social media campaigns, pastoral care for USQ, meetings with Paul and Andi, etc. However, this Tuesday I went to ENK Coterie to see how my client was doing and to meet potential new clients.

Tuesday looked like this:
Rushing to the launch of Eva Mendes clothing line for New York and Company
Leaving early and having coffee at Tobys estate with Gracie and talking about relationships
Then jumping on the F train and going to Brooklyn for a leadership dinner.

Did I mention the million emails and social media posts I responded to this day?! Tuesday was a multi-tasking day indeed.






Wednesday is far and away my most productive day!

I started the morning journaling and praying (while drinking coffee).
Then got dressed and went to Pure Barre (I was so tired but Parker made fun of me for thinking about skipping haha).
I then met my former intern Jordan for coffee and we talked about life
Around 2pm I went to one of my clients and dropped off samples
Rushed back to flatiron and looked at office space (needing a new space!)
When I finally got back to my computer I then read resumes for new hires, re-designed nyc-collective.com, edited 50+ photos for social media, and while Parker cooked dinner I edited a YouTube video for a client. Work ended around 10pm this night – however, for some reason I work way better at night. Anyone else?








Parker and I went out to Montauk to celebrate our Anniversary! I’ll post about that later 🙂


Parker and I went to church in the morning, then picked up chipotle (Sunday tradition), then I went home and worked on NYC-COLLECTIVE projects for the upcoming week, and around 3pm I headed to Liberty Church Union Square and we had our 5pm + 7pm service. It was an incredible night! My favorite part of my week is walking home and thinking of all the incredible things that happened the week prior and thanking God.

What is your favorite day of the week and why?


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