Travel Guide: Chicago

Travel Guide to Chicago

I recently got to visit Chicago for the first time.  It was a really really quick trip. Im talking 23 hours!
One of my social media clients had a meeting with Ulta and their headquarters are in Chicago. I actually love going on business trips because you can see a brand new city in a really quick trip. 

Naturally I had to get a Paintbox mani before representing my client. I used Red Carpet Manicure’s new foil kit which is a recent obsession.

 After my meeting I took a shuttle to downtown Chicago from the airport. (Took over an hour – make sure to NOT travel during rush hour!!). I did some research and booked a room at Public Hotels and was soooo happy with my stay. The hotel smelled like chocolate upon entry and there was a cool party going on in the lounge. The lobby was one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen. Really. Absolutely beautiful. My actual room had so much natural light and was so clean. I love hotels that are white on white. I would say this is now one of my favorite hotels, hands down.


This was my first time in Chicago but I was quite tired since I had been awake since 2:30am. I desperately wanted to explore but I could barely keep my eyes open. I decided to walk around near the hotel and look for food. I was pleasantly surprised. Chicago is a very clean city with so many restaurants that have outdoor seating. I couldn’t help but verbal process on snapchat all night since I was traveling alone. I literally was in awe how amazing the city was.

I figured I had to try a famous deep dish pizza – so I walked to Lou Malnati’s (since they are pretty well known.) I ordered take out and headed back to my hotel. I watched Full House (no judgement) and ate deep dish pizza in my room and it was AWESOME!

The Public hotel hosts a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant and they do the room service. He is one of my favorite chefs so I had to order morning room service. I got french toast that came with Stumptown coffee and fresh squeezed OJ. DE-LISH.


I then checked out and used one of the hotels complimentary bikes. I rode my bike to Navy Pier… and almost died 5 times! Definitely use the bike path on the water vs. riding in the streets. YIKES!!
I got an Iced Green Tea Latte and enjoyed the views at Navy Pier then quickly rode by bike to The Bean. It was awesome and worth the sweat. I took 1000 selfies by The Bean and realized I was running out of time. I quickly rode my bike along the water, grabbed my bags, and headed back to the airport.

It was a quick trip but I will definitely be going back soon!
Any places you suggest?


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