The truth about blogging

I remember when I first started blogging in 2008. Gosh, that is almost 10 years ago! I was working in nightlife in New York City and had more stories and gossip to share than any show on TV. I had always been a verbal processor and needed a place to just talk. Blogging was somewhat new, un-curated, and just fun. My blog started off anonymous so that I could write gossip articles without dealing with the drama. Check out one of my first ever blog posts here!

Look how crappy the picture quality is – shot on my iPhone 3 I think. The design of my blog (at the time) was super well done (and hasn’t been touched since) and now looks like garbage. I was proud of myself for being able to run a blog on my own and my content became really popular. In 2010, I killed As Good As Its Guests and moved all of my writing to my World Race Blog. I wanted to fully be present on my mission trip and not get caught up in the drama of Manhattan. It was hard for me to surrender my new found popularity on my blog and little did I know it would become something that people could make an income doing. It was just a hobby.

A few years later, I started this blog after my friend Gracie convinced me to do it again. That is when Modern Wonderland was born. To be honest, for the last few years I have struggled with what the purpose of this blog would be. I have where I share most articles on faith and it feels weird to do a fashion blog. I have nothing against fashion blogs, but I just dont have the time or energy to put on an outfit and have someone take my picture every day. I am lucky if I blow dry my hair and put makeup on – let’s be honest. Also, with the rise of Instagram and social media – I almost feel like the world of blogging has disappeared. Most blogs are just collections of pictures of people that are so edited and curated it just makes you think “what is the point?”


So, what is my plan for Modern Wonderland? The reality is, I really just miss writing. I miss verbally processing how I really feel about things, sharing my experiences, and telling stories. I often don’t blog because I don’t have things “perfect” enough. Well, I am kinds over that. I am over things needing to be perfect. I want my blog to just be a place where I can share openly and candidly what life is like – being a wife, mom, church planter, entrepreneur, friend, daughter and so much more. I want to share my favorite restaurants and experiences, terrible products that I can’t stand, and what I think it means to be fully alive.

So here we go…


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