Surprise! I’m pregnant!

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I feel like sometimes I only blog when I’m having a major life event haha. I remember when I first started blogging in 2007 and made As Good As its Guests in an attempt to share with my friends the crazy stories of nightlife. 
The truth is – I suck at blogging. I don’t care enough to make my blog very popular and don’t necessarily have the time to blog like you should (it’s a full time job)! Between pastoring Liberty Church Union Square, stepping in as the Worship Director, preaching, Discipling, owning a social media agency and being a wife and friend – life can get ehhh a little busy. 
However, once again I want to try to give this a shot. Specifically because I’ve never had a baby before and I just need a place to process and maybe you do too. 
Oh, you’re probably wondering what time this is being written. It’s 3:44 am. I just found out 5 days ago that I am pregnant (you’re reading this blog about a month after it was written). I can’t sleep and every pregnancy app tells me I should be feeling tired. The problem is, I feel tired at noon and wide awake at 3AM!
As for morning sickness, I guess I have it easy so far. No morning sickness, however I am having the occasional evening sickness ?!?! Is that normal?! 
I won’t lie to you – being pregnant creates a wave of emotions. When I found out on Sarurday night I was so excited! Parker and I jumped up and down and I started crying. For the last few months, we have been praying to be pregnant. We’ve only been married a little over two years but I turned 30 this year and wanted to start the journey of becoming a mom. I’m really excited because it’s Christmas this week – so I’m planning on telling my families by giving them a baby shirt as a gift. I am the worst at holding in good news (literally, my life purpose is to share good news!) so keep this a secret has been the hardest part. I Instagram my coffee which is insignificant but can’t yet share the most exciting news of my life. Ahhhh! 
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Well by the time you’re reading this – I guess I did share it haha! So yay – I’m pregnant!!  
Will this become a mommy blog? I don’t know – I’ll be a mom eventually with a blog so I guess technically. I plan to blog about whatever I want, like I always have. So it will still be that 🙂
AHHH a BABY!!!!!

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