So this is the end of pregnancy… 


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I can’t believe I am already 37ish weeks. I have been working like crazy on my business (nyc-collective) and I wonder when I am actually going to have the time to slow down. Being a business owner there is a pro/con to the whole baby thing. Definitely feeling bummed that I won’t have a maternity leave but thankful that I won’t have to go back to an office afterwards. Being pregnant is so strange. I feel like I am living in “imaginary world.” It’s a weird balance between absolutely being ready to have this baby and none of this feeling real. 
We went to a birthing class recently and I kept thinking to myself “am I actually going to have to do all of that?” It almost seems like it’s never going to happen. I also kept thinking how gross pregnant women are and then proceeded to text my friends about it. But seriously – do you have to eat a chicken tender so aggressively?! Granted – my feet have been so swollen lately – so I too am a gross pregnant lady.


Parker and I are in the midst of a lot of transition and we recently moved from our Manhattan apartment into his parents apartment in Brooklyn. It will be nice to have family around to help and save money till we find our next place. However, I don’t suggest to anyone EVER moving in the third trimester. Your hormones are so out of control and packing when you should be nesting is an emotional nightmare – especially considering Parker and I threw out/sold/gave away more than half of the things we own. 


I can’t believe our little boy will be here so soon. I so desperately want to just see his face! He moves around so much that we haven’t gotten a good sonogram shot – like – does he even have a face?! 

We just packed our hospital bag which I’ll be sharing about soon. I keep wondering if we have everything we need. I just can’t believe after these crazy few months we are going to be parents. This is a whole new level of adulting.

Is there anything I should know before the baby comes? 

Please refrain from commenting about how much sleep you lose, how hard labor is, and how much more time you had when you were single. I get it – there are many many sacrifices involved – but don’t the best things in life usually require some sacrifice?


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