How to Dye your hair WHITE BLONDE at Home (Updated)!

About two years ago – I dyed my hair blonde at home by myself. I was super scared to do it, but every salon refused to go as light as I wanted. I called one salon and they said it would cost around $600 to bring me to “white blonde” and to be honest – I just couldn’t afford that. One of my friends gave me an at-home recipe for blonde and I have adjusted it over the years. From time to time – I still get highlights or dye my hair other fun colors when I am bored. However, this is my favorite recipe for that ashy WHITE blonde look that you see on Pinterest.

What you need:

  •  Ardell Red Gold Color Corrector Plus Hair Color Corrector Hair Coloring Products – 7ml (Purchase Here)
  • Gloves (Purchase here)
  • Olaplex re-bonding Purchase Here


The process – please follow and read carefully:

To note: I am not a trained hair stylist, colorist, or cosmetologist. This is my own recipe + process. I can not promise this will turn out the same on your hair and I am not responsible for what happens to your hair. This is a great process if you are willing to experiment and want to save money. However, if your hair ends up looking bad – go to your local salon 🙂 This is a two-week process that includes 2 days of coloring with time to rest.

Week 1 Process (The Bleach + Tone)

Shampoo + condition your hair the day before (I suggest adding some coconut oil to your hair and allowing it to air dry)

Phase 1 – Bleach:

  • In your bowl with the brush kit – Mix 2 oz of L’Oreal Quick Blue High-Performance Powder Lightener with 4 oz of Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 Volume Creme Developer (if you have long hair – just double the recipe)
  • Drape a towel over your neck and put coconut oil on your ears and around your face to avoid bleaching
  • Start at the nape of the neck and divide your hair into 5 sections (2 on the bottom, 2 at the top, and 1 surrounding your face)
  • Using the brush – apply the mixed bleach to each section – starting with the root and working down.
  • Completely cover the root area and brush lightly on towards the ends to avoid breakage
  • Add bleach section by section – and separate hair when you brush it on
  • Let it sit for 30-40 minutes (keep checking the color)

*After approx 40 minutes or less – rinse out the bleach with water and shampoo

Your hair will be neon yellow – don’t freak out!

Phase 2 – Tone (do NOT skip):

  • Clean out your bowl and brushes
  • Mix Wella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Hair Color – #T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Toner with 3 oz Color Cream 20 Volume
  • Mix well and add to the bottle with angle tip OR apply with brush from bowl – I like to apply with brush first and then add the rest with the bottle to soak it
  • Divide hair into sections and apply toner to hair – make sure to put your gloves on and completely cover your head like you would if you were shampooing – you want every piece of hair drenched in the toner.
  • Using the brush – make sure the hair around your face is completely covered
  • Leave on for 30-40 mins checking regularly
  • Rinse out with water – then shampoo and condition with Clairol Shimmer Lights and a deep conditioning treatment.

3-4 DAYS LATER – Shower and night and apply the OLAPLEX to your hair to re-bond and heal your hair. Keep the Olaplex on overnight and shampoo out in the morning.

Week 2 – Dye + Tone:

After surviving the week with light blonde – slightly orange hair (YAY for Hats!) – you are ready to go WHITE Blonde!

Phase 3 – DIY DYE:

  • In your bowl with the brush kit – Mix the whole bottle of the Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Liquid Hair Color – HL-B Hi-Lift Ash Blonde with 4 oz of Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 Volume Creme Developer
  • Mix into bottle if you prefer
  • Put about 20 drops of the Ardell color corrector into the same bottle (or in bowl) and shake until pink-ish purple and all mixes
  • Use gloves and apply color through hair with gloves and brush
  • Leave in hair for about 40 minutes. Check it often to see how the color looks. I usually just feel it out, so use your best judgment here.
  • Rinse, and shampoo (I usually put several drops of the purple color-corrector into my hand with shampoo and wash just to be sure there are no yellow/orange tones)

Then – repeat phase 2 – the toner again!

Once you are done – I would continue using the Olaplex once a week to restore your hair.

Good luck – tag me on Instagram (@Jessi.Green) and show me the finished product – would love to feature you!

The Products

My work station – make sure to put towels down!

Bleach on the hair gets a little hot – I won’t lie!

Bleach turning hair orange gah!

Waiting for the toner to do it’s magic!

Waiting to dye + tone in week 2!

Finally blonde!!

Shop the products you need here:


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