Everybody Rise – an afternoon at the Plaza

I recently had one of those “NYC Dream Days.” I was so excited when I was invited to an afternoon of blowouts at DryBar followed by tea + treats at The Plaza Hotel

We gathered to meet Stephanie Clifford who is a Loeb-award winning New York Times reporter who has covered business, media and courts for the paper. Stephanie is the author of “Everybody Rise.” Everybody Rise is an exciting novel of the ever-pressing lure to keep up appearances and fit into Manhattans Elite.

I remember when I first moved to Manhattan, feeling the pressure to make a name for myself. I believe many women in NYC and around the world can relate to the journey and trials faced in this book.


We started our day at DryBar and drank mimosas and got to choose our style. I got the Mai-tai which was a beachy wave look. The products are DryBar smell so so good!

After DryBar we went over to the Plaza Hotel. We sat down for tea + treats with the author in the Palm Court of the hotel. It was absolutely beautiful. I was excited because my BFF Gracie was invited as well – so we got to verbally process our love of each scone, chocolate dessert and finger sandwich.

While sitting with Stephanie she shared some of her process to writing her first novel.
Some key takeaways were:

  • When writing a book – make sure to set aside a time every day to write. She made this a discipline which I think many young authors could learn from.
  • Create a space to be creative.
  • Keep writing.

Stephanie shared with us that “Everybody Rise is a book about fitting in and figuring out who you are. Lies quickly get bigger and bigger until she has to reckon with the sort of made-up life she’s come up with.

It was important to me have a heroine who wasn’t redeemed or rescued by a man. She gets herself into a ton of trouble, and she’s the one who has to scrape herself out of it in the end.

I wrote Everybody Rise in the mornings before work. I began thinking about it almost ten years ago and I took some notes. Then I put it aside because I was like, “I can’t do this with a full-time job.” Evelyn kept knocking on my window, being like, “Lady, like, I’m here. Please write about me.” So, I picked it back up about five years ago and I wrote it from 6:00 to 8:00 in the mornings before work and it ended up being like this.”

I’d definitely suggest picking up Everybody Rise and reading it on the beach while summer comes to an end!

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