How to dye your hair White Blonde


This time last year, I wrote an article about becoming more blonde. For several years I was wanting bright, white, blonde hair. After reading a ton of blogs and several visits to the salon… I figured out a solution.

My friend contributes to Modern Wonderland and also has beautiful white blonde hair – so she sent me her recipe, and I mixed it with several of my own recipes – and I think I found to concoction to perfectly white blonde hair!

If you are needing some blonde inspiration – check out my Pinterest board dedicated to blondes.

So… Here it is…

The recipe for DIY White Blonde Hair

What you’ll need:

  1.  Ardell Red Gold Color Corrector Plus Hair Color Corrector Hair Coloring Products – 7ml (Purchase Here)
  2. Gloves (Purchase here)
  3. Olaplex re-bonding Purchase Here

The Process:

So this is a two day process to really achieve the blonde you are looking for. I would leave aprox. 2 weeks in between to give your hair some rest.

Step 1:

In your bowl with the brush kit – Mix 2 oz of L’Oreal Quick Blue High Performance Powder Lightener with 4 oz of Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 Volume Creme Developer

Start at the nape of the neck and divide your hair into 5 sections (2 on the bottom, 2 at the top, and 1 surrounding your face)

Using the brush – apply to mixed bleach to each section – starting with the root and working down. Completely covering the hair

Completely cover your head in the bleach formula and let it sit for 30-40 minutes (keep checking the color)

After aprox 40 minutes or less – rinse out the bleach with water and shampoo

Your hair will be neon yellow – don’t freak out!

Step 2:

Clean out your bowl and brushes

MixWella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Hair Color – #T18 Lightest Ash Blonde Toner  with 3 oz Wella Color Charm Cream 20 Volume

Mix well and add to the bottle with angle tip

Divide hair into sections and apply toner to hair – make sure to put your gloves on and completely cover your head like you would if you were shampooing

Using the brush – make sure the hair around your face is completely covered

Leave on for 30-40 mins

Rinse out with water – then shampoo and condition with Clairol Shimmer Lights

Allow your hair to air dry, and while still damp apply Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum


At this point your hair will be a light blonde, and you may be happy with it. However, if you want to go WHITE blonde… continue.

Wait 2 weeks and allow hair to rest…Then

Step 3:

In your bowl with the brush kit – Mix whole bottle Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Liquid Hair Color – HL-B Hi Lift Ash Blonde with 4 oz of Ion Sensitive Scalp 40 Volume Creme Developer

Mix into bottle

Put about 20 drops of the Ardell color corrector into the same bottle and shake until pink-ish purple and all mixes

Use gloves and apply color through hair

Leave in hair for about 40 minutes. Check it often to see how the color looks. I usually just feel it out, so use your best judgement here.

Rinse, and shampoo (I usually put several drops of the purple color-corrector into my hand with shampoo and wash just to be sure there are no yellow/orange tones)

Then – repeat step 2

Once you are done – I would continue using the Jasmine Oil for about a week to restore the hair. Also, after drying your hair – spray on Oscar Blandi’s dry conditioner for extra moisture.



Most of all… don’t freak out from the process. This is a learning experience, have fun with it!

 how to dye your hair white blonde

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