Does Your Closet Need Some TLC? Read This

   Caring for your closet should be a top priority for every fashionista. For your clothing to stand the test of time, you need to know how to care for it. You could have the most organised and fabulous wardrobe in the world, but if you don’t care for the treasures inside, they just won’t last. Follow this guide to give your clothes some much-needed TLC.f12706189aed81ed09ca169902457681

 Alterations and Repairs

 It’s easy for knitted sweatshirts to snag and for silk blouses to rip. It’s even easier to ignore the problem put and them back into your closet. If you leave rips and holes, they are only going to get worse. If you aren’t a confident sewer, find someone who is. It can be a family member or a professional. The cost of repairs from a professional will vary from place to place. I suggest having a consultation beforehand. Take your item in for them to look at and see what they suggest. It may be wise to see examples of work they have done before too. You don’t want to leave your belongings with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. It can ruin your clothing or make the tear worse.

 Alterations can be a great way of updating an item of clothing, especially vintage clothing. Consider what work you want doing and again consult with a professional. Be reasonable and open to compromise. You will see the dress with an imaginative eye whereas the dressmaker will see it from a more technical viewpoint. What you want altering may not be possible so listen to their ideas and suggestions. The price for the work will depend on the size of the alteration, but simple tasks like raising a hemline shouldn’t cost more than ten dollars.

Dry Cleaning

Do you have a fabulous little black dress that you’ve worn to death, but you never have time to take it to the cleaners? You should try dry cleaning pickup and delivery. It’s a fantastic service, where they can pick up your clothing without you even being there. I find it best to do my dry cleaning in bulk to save time. Raid your closet and check the labels on all of your clothes. Fish out all of the dry clean only items and send them all to be cleaned at once. Doing them all at once will mean your clothing will be ready to go, at any time.

Correct Hanging Equipment

If you don’t have the right hangers, your clothing can suffer for it. Not only will it cause closet chaos, but the hangers can damage your clothes. Remove any hangers that are broken from your closet and invest in some great non-slip alternatives. Also, try to buy suitable clip hangers for your pants and skirts. Dresses and tops should be hung individually to avoid unnecessary creasing. You won’t need to iron your clothing half as much if it is hung up correctly.

 Everyone will have their own ideas on how to best care for their closet. Overall, it’s common sense and extra care that will increase your clothes longevity. If you do this successfully, many pieces in your wardrobe could last you a lifetime.


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