Celebrate National Iced Tea Day

The Art of Iced Tea Collection

Happy National Iced Tea Day!!

I have always been a big tea fan…
Recently I have become obsessed with Matcha, I will do a post on that soon. However, as the summer heats up – there is nothing more refreshing than an iced cold glass of homemade Iced Tea. I was so excited to find out today was National Iced Tea day. I believe there are endless amounts of benefits to tea + I especially like making my own because you can control the amount of sugar. Teavana recently sent me there Iced Tea kit and it included all the tools needed to make the perfect iced tea.

Raspberry Limeade Herbal Blend


Their iced tea collection is perfect for summer and is so colorful. Each set includes a Blue Teavana Perfectea Maker , two tea tins, two delicious herbal blends specially selected for warm summer days, plus a bag of Rock Sugar.  My kit had the Raspberry Limeade Herbal Blend and Pineapple Berry Blue Tea Blend. 


Teavana Iced tea


How I made my perfect summer Iced Tea:

12 tsp. of Raspberry Limeade Herbal Blend
1/4 cup of rock sugar
I put all of the above in the Teavana Perfectea Maker with boiling water
I let mine sit for 20 mins and then just placed it over my cup (that’s the best part about the tea maker!!)

Enjoy xx

I loved the tea so much I decided to do a Giveaway – check on my Instagram for details today!

Teavana rock sugar

Pineapple Berry Blue Tea Blend

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