My California Baby Nursery 

We moved to California with a 2 month old baby! So when it came to decorating – it came down to two things. What is essential and what will look nice in our new California home.

California is know for its warm weather, beautiful ocean coasts, and low key vibe. We wanted our home to reflect those same elements. I was so excited to be able to decorate David’s nursery after living in the back room of Parkers parents apartment in Brooklyn. For months I researched, pinned, and verbally processed with Parker. Below are some pictures and information on what I purchased. Please let me know if there is anything I need!!

I had to include a few pictures of my baby – David Leonidas. He basically lives in onesies

For his crib I wanted something he could grow with. 
Here is his entire crib setup:

A diaper caddie was a must have item for me since I love to stay organized – this one is from Ikea. You can also get one here if you want something a bit nicer and still in-expensive. Here is my diaper caddie essentials:

I love his bookshelf so much – it is such a great way to display great books, cute gifts, etc. Also – I LOVE his Ubbi stainless steel diaper pail. We had a diaper genie and I hated it. It would constantly break and you had to push the poopie diaper down. NO THANKS!

Lastly were the final room touches:

Is there any must have item I am missing?
You can shop most of this list easily below:

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