Who the Revival Diet is for…

revival diet 12 weeks of transformation


My husband Parker and I announced the Revival Diet last night and already 30+ people have signed up to participate. This is really exciting for me, because we hope to build a community of people that can accomplish real tangible goals, lose weight, become healthier + stronger, and change their perspective on fitness.

What is the Revival Diet?

My husband developed this 12 week program to help me obtain the healthy lifestyle that is more of a dream to me. The thought of exercise and dieting is daunting. I tried Paleo for 2 weeks and ended up caving into a carb sugar overload. My whole life of dieting has been a pendulum swing. Trying fad diets that I would eventually fail at. I needed something that would transition me.

Parker broke down the diet into 3 periods of transitions:

1st 4 weeks:
Carb Rotation
3 Days of healthy carbs with healthy amounts of protein
4 days of low carb, high protein, high fat days
Dairy included

Explanation: This tricks your body into switching energy systems and regulating insulin levels. It also has the effects of reducing calories, yet keeping metabolism at high levels. Especially with some tricks, which I will share along the way.

2nd 4 Weeks:
Carb Depletion
6 Days of high fat, low carb, with flaxseed bread and other bread texture substitutes
1 Day of healthy, whole grain carbohydrates

This starts to completely wean the body of sugar, in all of its forms. Lowering insulin response to the “cheat day”. Thereby storing less and less fat as you go along. The 1 day of carbs is added for sanity sake and to continue the metabolism increase.

3rd 4 Weeks:

Carb Elimination
High fat low carb 7 days a week
2 days a week with Ezekiel bread or equivalent (if it exists) in the morning and morning only.

Your body at this point will be used to using fat a fuel source. Hopefully removing the withdrawal symptoms that come with cutting off carbs cold turkey.

Is the Revival Diet for me?

revival diet tee

The revival diet is for anyone that is looking for a healthier lifestyle. Period.Parker is certified in nutrition + was a trainer at Equinox. So look at this as a free trainer for 12 weeks.

Parker promises that if you FOLLOW the meal plans and at home workouts. You will lose anywhere from 10-30 lbs. in 12 weeks.

This plan is for you if:

  • You are addicted to sugar
  • You are addicted to carbs
  • Dieting has failed
  • Gyms are overwhelming
  • You lack motivation
  • You want to be healthier

If ANY of those apply, I suggest signing up and joining us. I have never completed a fitness program before, so I am actually just excited to see if I can even do it. Having a community around you (of non-health fanatics) will both help motivate you and keep you accountable.

How do I participate?

Since launching last night… this has been the biggest question.
Below is how to participate:

  • Take a before picture (no need to post on social media haha)
  • Comment on this post or Parkers and let us know you are participating
  • On Saturday I will post the shopping list for Monday, so purchase those items
  • Starting January 6th – check daily for your meal plan + workout
    (I will be starting a day ahead so I can post for you the night before so you have the plan when you wake-up in the morning!)
  • On all social media – share with us your progress. Include #RevivalDiet
  • Let us know what is working/not-working for you

Finally, we would love to get as many people to participate as possible. Parker is not making ANY money from this, or taking any endorsements. This is truly to help you become healthier and obtain tangible goals. So please post this image on your social media so we can help as many people as possible in 2014!



What motivates you to be healthy?




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  1. The Ghorley’s are in! We will be starting a week or 2 behind though… I injured my hand pretty badly and it’ll probably be another 10 days before I can work out and function at 100% in the kitchen. Will all your week 1 posts still be up for me to follow?

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