Revival Diet Update 

Hi everyone 

Thank you so much for your posts and participation. I won’t be able to share anymore Revival Diet meal plans – I’ll be doing a full post tomorrow why.

So far I’ve lost 15 pounds on the Revival Diet and it’s completely changed my life. I’ve had several people message me that they have lost a ton of weight and feel amazing.

Parker is offering discounted custom meal plans to anyone that has participated – just email him with your Instagram image that you participated to receive the discount.

If you’ve enjoyed the Revival Diet and would recommend it to a friend and want Parker to start a health and fitness site – please let us know in the comments.

If you’d like to continue living this lifestyle – try following the guidelines you’ve seen the last 6 weeks and choose high fat low sugar options. 

Would love to hear your stories + progress and looking forward to sharing some BIG news with you tomorrow! 


Jessi Green

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  1. Oh I would love it if Parker started a health and fitnes site! I have already told so many people about revival diet. And I know a few people who are interested in starting it

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