Revival Diet: Day Five

revival diet 12 weeks of transformation

Find Accountability…

Day Five

Tip of the day: Seriously, find friends to do this with. Luckily I have Parker otherwise I would have already given up. Chocolate PLEASE! AHHH

Your Meal Plan:

Pre-workout meal
Jessi green shake
2 handfulls of Kale
1 cup of mixed berries – frozen blueberries, strawberries + raspberries
1 cup of green tea
coconut oil
*Drink 1/2 the shake

Post Workout Meal
*Drink the rest of the shake

Whole grain cereal (Go Lean Crunch)
Half cup yogurt
1/4 cup fruit

Mid Morning snack
1/2 Apple with Peanut Butter

Caesar Salad
Grilled chicken breast
Parmesan cheese
Caesar dressing

Mid Afternoon Snack
1/4 cup wasabi almonds

Low Carb Stuffed Chicken
Mixed Veggies



Warm Up
15 arm circles
(extend arms to the side at shoulder level, make small circles with your hands forward then backward)
* Repeat set of 15 3x (Total 45 arm circles with 30 second break in between sets)


10 push ups or knee push ups
10 torso rotations (When doing this exercise your feet should be more than hip width apart. Take a dumbbell or kettlebell and hold it in both hands. Bend your knees into a squat (as shown in picture A). While you stand, rotate your torso to the left, raising the dumbbell over your shoulder (as shown in picture B). Return to starting positions and do the same for the other side. That’s one rep, repeat x10.)
30 second rest in between
Repeat 3X

What they look like:

Knee pushups

knee push up revival diet

Torso Rotation

torso rotation revival diet


Day Five Review:

revival diet green smoothie Today I woke up and jumped right into work. About an hour in, I realized that I needed to eat – work out – and spending some time journaling.

Sometimes working at home is the worst because it is hard to set boundaries between your work life and everything else.

I stopped what I was doing and made the Kale smoothie. To be honest, it was a little bitter for me. So, I added a bit more stevia and drank it with a straw. This made a HUGE difference.

The workout wasn’t too difficult today and I finished it in about 10 minutes. Later in the afternoon I really enjoyed the salad. It was so easy and felt like I was cheating (but Parker swears it is ok!)fiveunits jeans urban outfitters nyc-collective

After working till about 2pm, I had to run to a prayer meeting across town. I went to the prayer meeting and then went to a fashion showroom with Gracie to work on a new denim line called FiveUnits that is coming the the USA. We ended up working on the line much longer than we expected.

After the showroom we headed to worship open night hosted by Liberty Church. Worship open night is one of my favorite nights because you get to hang out with people from different communities and it is much more casual than Sunday.

After open night, Parker and I stopped at a Deli to get a salad. I was literally starving because I didn’t eat anything since 2pm. Eating so many times a day is actually really difficult due to meetings and my schedule. Parker said if we prep meals in advance in tupperware it will really help.

However, let me know if you like the stuffed chicken breasts. It is one of my favorites!

DAY FIVE COMPLETE! (with minimal complaining…. not until trying to go out to dinner)

Who are you doing the Revival Diet with?

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