Revival Diet : Day Eight

revival diet 12 weeks of transformation


Tip of the day: Create a Revival Diet Journal. Weigh yourself today and measure how much weight you have lost in the last week. Also, make sure to take a photograph of yourself in a bathing suit or shorts/sports bra. Tracking progress is an amazing motivator.

Your Meal Plan:

Pre-workout meal
one glass of water

Post Workout Meal
Chocolate Banana Protein Shake
1/2 scoop whey protein
1/2 a banana
1/4 cup of half+half
1/4 cup of water
(Or, if on the go just mix protein and water in a shaker)
*Blend in a blender or magic bullet

1 cup of greek yogurt
1/2 cup of frozen berries defrosted
1/2 cup of granola (go lean crunch)
Dusting of flax meal on top

Mid Morning snack
1 cup of roasted almonds 

Chipotle Salad
Pan seared onions
1 Grilled chicken breast
Sour Cream
1/4 cup of Black beans
(or, you can order a salad at chipotle without any rice)

Mid Afternoon Snack
1 apple with peanut butter

6oz fish (any fish is fine)
broccoli or asparagus
soy sauce
1/2 cup brown rice



Warm up
Roll up to toes and touch – lay flat on your back, arms to your sides. Roll up one vertebrae at a time, reach forward to touch your toes, and lower slowly back to the ground.


10 Body Weight Squats
10 Knee Push Ups
30 Second planks

Repeat 3 times
Keep rest below 30 seconds

What they look like:

Body Weight Squat

body weight squat revival Diet

Knee Push Up

knee push up revival diet

plank revival diet

Day Eight Review:

revivaldiet yogurt

Today I woke up and my face was swollen and my stomach hurt. This was because of my cheat day. From eating better and working out, I had noticed some weight loss, my skin was really glowy, and I had a lot more energy. This morning, I felt bloated and gross.

I woke up and made the shake and missed the workout today. Sundays are really busy for me because I co-pastor the Union Square community of Liberty Church with my husband.

I had to catch up on blogging in the morning because Saturday we were in a board meeting all day. So I drank my shake and headed to church. After church I picked up Chipotle for Parker and I. Chipotle is a great option if you are on the go. However, skip the rice.

After chipotle, we headed to community group leaders training. Community groups are the small gatherings of Liberty. Each community has its own set of community groups. Gracie and I are leading one together called “My Life is Fun.” (More on that in future posts)

liberty church union square

After community group training, Parker and I met our friends Sarah and Tyler Brann for coffee. After that, I met Janelle for coffee.

I forgot to pack snacks so I didn’t end up eating much after chipotle. I then headed to Liberty Union Square. I was so proud of myself for not eating any of the yummy bagels or cookies in the guest lounge!

However, after church… I went to teach the grow course. At Grow course they had pizza and at this point I was starving. So I ate the pizza. It was delicious but I was still starving.

DAY EIGHT COMPLETE! (Minus working out and eating Pizza…. Need to stay motivated and check that scale!)

How was Cheat Day for you?

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