How to Get the Legs You’ve Always Wanted

When it comes to fitness and body trends, things change every year. Personally, it’s all down to the individual and what they like. You should never worry about what anybody else thinks! However, one thing that never looks bad or goes out of fashion, is a lean, defined pair of legs! Read on to learn how to get the pins of your dreams:

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Concentrate on the Leg Muscles as You Train

When you train, you need to concentrate on your legs. Don’t just wish the exercise was over with and think of something else to get you through it. Actively focus on the leg muscles, whether you’re training the hamstrings, glutes, or quads. Feel every rep and get a good pump in your them to get the most from your workouts.

Use Isolation Exercises

The key to getting amazing legs is to use isolation exercises. Compound movements are important too, but you need to focus on the areas you want to build up separately to make a big difference. Isolation exercises include hip thrusts, glute bridges, cable kickbacks, and lunges. However, you may need to play with foot placement to get the feeling where you need it. Usually, a wider stance is good for the glutes while a closer stance is quads. Make sure you keep your weight on your heel no matter what you’re doing!

Train 2-3 Times Per Week

You can get results from training your legs once per week, but to get the best legs you’ve ever seen, you need more volume. Training 2-3 times per week is the ideal range. Just make sure you don’t train anymore than that. Overdoing it will not allow your legs time to heal! You might like one separate day for hams and glutes and another separate day for quads and calves. This will give every part of your legs the attention they deserve. You’ll soon notice some definition!

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Use a Mix of Rep Ranges

A mix of rep ranges is key to stop you from hitting a plateau. For instance, use a lower rep range with heavy weights, a medium range with moderate weight, and if you’re using resistance bands use high reps. Lower reps are around 6-8, moderate 8-15, and higher 15-30. You need to do what feels right for you in order to build your legs and shape them, so you will need to experiment. Everybody is different.

Help Your Muscles Recover

Protein is key for muscle building and recovery, so make sure you include lots of it in your diet. You should probably aim for around 1 gram per body weight. The right supplements can compliment any training regime perfectly. Things like glutamine and essential amino acids will help you to recover faster so you can train the same muscle group again.

Eat Less Carbs to Support Your training

Not only will you need to eat more protein, you may need to eat less carbs to support your training. Carbs make it hard to burn fat. Your legs are the largest part of the body so they need sufficient nutrition!

Use these tips, and you’ll notice gradual improvements until you have legs to die for. It takes consistency to achieve the body you want, so you really must commit to it. Enjoy the journey!


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