A Little Goes A Long Way – 10 minute workouts

 A Little Goes A Long Way

As a part of living a healthy lifestyle, its important to be physically active 3-5 days a week. It may not be a full workout, and you may not even break a sweat, but in order to maintain a healthy body, making time to engage your muscles and your mind is imperative.
Working out in the morning is a great way to jump start your day. You’ll find that you have more energy, better focus and a boost of confidence. I know that time doesn’t grow on trees and sometimes its hard to take a chunk out of your day to make it to the gym or a class.
So, for the days when a full workout isn’t an option, try taking 10 minutes at home to do your body some good. Something is always better than nothing, and a little goes a long way as the days add up.
Tone, Strengthen and Lengthen your body with these simple exercises you can do at home; (even in a New York apartment with little to no space). This is the ideal 10 minute workout at home.
1. Warm Up the body; Raise Your Heart rate. ( 2 minutes )
Exercises to choose from: Jumping Jacks, Jogging in Place, Jumping Rope, Knee Lifts
2. Plank; Engage Your Core ( 2 minutes)
Exercises to choose from: Straight Arm Plank, Forearm Plank, Half Plank.
Pull your bellybutton up as close as you can to your spine while practicing stillness in your plank position. REMEMBER TO BREATHE!
3. Pushups: Full Body Engagement ( 2 minutes )
A pushup is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. Let as many muscle groups participate by engaging the core, arms, and butt.
Modifications can be done on the knees or standing on a wall.
4. Lunge : Butt Shaping / Thigh Toning ( 2 Minutes )
Tone your lower half with lunges. Try taking a step forward and lunging 8 times, and then holding the last one for 8 seconds. Switch Legs. Then take the same series stepping backwards into the lunge for a deeper focus on your butt and behind the legs into the hamstrings.
5. Perfect Package : Plank Jumps ( 2 minutes )
Start standing with the feet hip distance. Jump up and reach your arms to the ceiling and land with your knees bent in a squat. Then take your hands to the floor and walk your feet out into a plank; hold for 8 seconds and then repeat.
If you have the extra time, start again from the top and repeat!

What’s your favorite quick workout? 


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  1. I love a quick circuit with high knees, burpees, pushups, and jumping jacks! I can’t wait to try this one!

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